LuAnSa Head Up The Magnificent Mile

I managed to bundle AnSa onto the El and we made it to the Magnificent Mile. I also managed to ignore the feeling that I looked like a cross between Peter Pan and Robin Hood after my sister had ‘dressed me’ in her green jeans. The latter was hard to ignore. I kept feeling like I should be flying through the buildings are drawing a bow and arrow. Luckily I did neither.

Here we enjoyed treats from Hershey and Ghiradelli as well as exploring the shops.


A trendy cardigan was purchased from H&M and not by my sister or myself, lots of chocolate presents were brought and we enjoyed the architecture of Chicago before picking up a fantastic Italian style lunch from a deli nestled underneath the Hancock Observatory. It was then off to the magical bean to see this famous sculpture and take a minute to just enjoy the beautiful buildings surrounding the Millennium Park. It began to get more windy and cold so we retreated back to the hostel. We bolted down in the hostel for a few hours before we each felt brave enough, and slightly more awake enough, to venture to the shops in Lincoln Park. We managed to escape the clutches of any scary figures as we scuttled past various houses adorned with Halloween paraphernalia.

We retrieved a huge pile of nibbles and a DVD from the supermarket and made up a mock sofa in the hostel.

It was very comfy and we had a really nice,cosy girls night before going to sleep. Luckily, for my sister’s sake, no alarms were to be heard until the next morning.

After an uninterrupted sleep we enjoyed a great breakfast again. I can tell I am going to have to pull out all my hosting charms when they return with me to Indy to keep them in the current state to which they are accustomed too! However, we did have to wait for milk for a bit and then the poor man who reinstalled the milk carton managed to spill it al over the floor. Everyone then waited to see if somebody else would be brave enough to retrieve some milk and as soon as I saw the first person take the initiative and go up to the pump I followed suit. We were checked out by a very friendly and helpful member of staff before we headed back into the city to Magnificent Mile. The weather had really taken a turn for the worse so we sheltered in Starbucks and made life plans before swiftly retreating back to Lincoln Park. Our swiftness was diminished somewhat when we were unable to follow my sister onto the platform as we did not have enough money on our cards. We then abandoned her in search of a place to top up our cards. We then finally made it back to my sister and headed to The Bourgeoise Pig for a warming bowl of soup and some Hummus.


We then braved the wild outdoors once more to pick up a bag filled with wonderful meatloaf cupcakes for our train journey back. We ordered a taxi early due to the hostels advice because the rain can cause delays. We arrived at the train station early and settled down with some books. It was then all aboard the Amtrak for the Hoosier State. Once onboard we head a feast fit for a Queen in the form of a turkey meatloaf topped with stuffing and cranberry sauce;

An Asian inspired chicken meatloaf topped with noodles and plum sauce;
and a salmon meatloaf topped with garlic mash.

We all tried a bit of each others, well I almost missed out on the turkey one as it leapt of my fork whilst I was transferring it over and my heart skipped a beat as it landed on the floor of the train. After smearing cranberry sauce over my travel pillow. I quickly applied the twenty-second rule and retrieved the fallen meatloaf and deftly popped it back into my box. It was then all quiet on the Amtrak front as we munched, with a significant amount of satisfaction, on an array of flavours that were just too good to not to savour every morsel. I definitely did not drop any more on the floor! This fantastic feast almost took the edge of having to stop repeatedly for huge freight trains, which caused us to be delayed yet again.

It was then a bone shakingly bumpy ride back to Indianapolis and we were continually delayed. It ended up with us being the last ones on our carriage and it all began to feel a bit eerie. It then turned into an atmosphere of frustration as we were sat just five minutes away from our final destination but could not go any further due to signal failure. Luckily, even though we were an hour late, we were able to disembark in Indianapolis and met up with our beloved driver once more who had again been sat waiting patiently for us! I then showed off the flat to AnSa and made them follow the customary procedures of induction into the LuLu’s world and this of course included a tour of the balcony. Even if it was raining heavily and their were howling winds whipping around the building.


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