Autumn Leaves As Lu Prepares To Leave

After my mammoth baking session I was able to emerge victorious with a batch of fifty-eight misshapen, but thankfully tasty, scones. I think I would have been a floury mess if they hadn’t turned out so well! It was then off to Luke’s favourite place called Avis. It is like a sweet shop for car lovers and Luke certainly has been taking full advantage of the pix n’ mix option!. You go in and give back the old car and then wander around to choose your new cars. Well, not everyone does but Luke always wants to make sure the car is right. The cars are all open so you can see if they suit your expectations of comfiness and the keys are even left in the ignition! However, I wouldn’t suggest driving one away. I was tempted to but it is best to wait untill you are authorised. That is unless you want to face a scary barrier and an even more frighteningly scary little, older lady who is always in the security box.

We headed back to Riley in our eight seater feeling like we should have a large brood in the back. Oh well, I nearly gave Luke a heart attack when I mentioned one day. Bearing in mind it has enough room for six more people. Actually, that comment surprised me as well. I think I have been playing ‘housewife’ too long so it was a good thing that I had my last day of doing this on friday. I have felt, at times, like I am a mixture of housewife and lady-who-lunches as I spend a lot of time in the gym, cleaning, baking, going shopping and out for coffee. I will soon get a huge shock when I return to reality, but it is one I am looking forward to. However, what I am not looking forward to is trying to get my suitcases home. Each one requires me to sit on them before they will close and I still have things I need to pack. I may have to resort to drastic measures, like stealing my mum or sisters luggage allowance. That may be a little mean?

We decided to have a lovely last weekend as the LuLu’s before each Lu went their different ways and became separated by an ocean but I’m positive that Luke will at least be able to eat as I have frozen the majority of scones for him. This weekend included having our final trip to the cinema and we watched Clooney’s new political thriller which makes you lose faith in the whole system but it is enjoyable. I then , finally, got my hair cut. I asked to get rid of the dead bits and it turns out the majority was dead as I now have very short hair! Oh well, less maintenance which suits me fine. I found Luke sat right at the back of the car working, which I thought may have looked a little odd. Once I had coaxed him back to the front of the car we decided to go on a drive that led us to Monroe State Forest. We nearly didn’t make it as I almost fatally wounded one of us when I opened a bottle I had filled with Diet Coke. The lid exploded off with a huge pop never to be seen again. I’m just glad that I didn’t smash one of the windows or my nose. We sat in silence for a minute to reflect on the accident we had just narrowly missed. After that shock we cautiously made our way to the forest. It was breathtaking with all the gold and red leaves.

We stopped and had a homemade scone by a smooth, crystal lake. Well it was smooth untill Luke began launching fruit into it. I decided we should make a swift departure before He there something else in just so he could see the ripples. I imagine that I would make a huge ripple so I thought it was safer to head back before he decided to launch me in as well.




I then made some progress on making a Moroccan meal for the LuLu’s last meal alone in Indy. This consisted of oddly shaped falafel followed by equally odd meatballs nestled amongst some couscous.


It was actually rather nice and I loved the contrast of the cinnamon and curry powder. It was a sort of homage to the meal we had at the Saffron Cafe (Please see- meatballs). I then spent the rest of the evening cajoling Luke into packing because we are going to Chicago tomorrow. I don’t know why but I am always packed at least a week in advance whereas Luke manages to pack a night, or on one occasion a few hours, before travelling anywhere. Maybe it is a male/female difference? or im too organised, luke is not and my bossiness is falling on deaf ears. In a few weeks I shall have to stick post-it notes around the flat to maintain the appropriate level of nagging whilst I’m not there.


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