Time To Say Goodbye. Almost

It is with a slightly weighed down heart that I am beginning to prepare for my last few weeks in Indianapolis. Part of me is incredibly excited to get home and see everyone but I feel like I have just got settled and into a routine here albeit a somewhat ad hoc one. However, I now know I do not have to worry about Luke as he has found himself a hobby. He is trying to collect quarters. Quarters you may ask? but these are not just any quarters. These are the ones that have a different state on the back of them. This means that the first question he asks me when he comes in is if I have any new quarters for him. So, when he gets lonely (if he gets lonely) or misses the nagging he has the vending machines to go and visit. He seems to find endless amusement by changing notes and coins over and over again to see if he can get more of the quarters he needs. He might start to raise people’s suspicions though if he spends too long there. They will think he is trying to steal their contents!

I began to enjoy my last week having assured myself that Luke will be fine and he has the vending machines to have a chat. There was a slight glitch when the fire alarm going off. Whilst I was on the cross-trainer. Luckily it was a false alarm but it was slightly annoying or provided a nice breather, i’m not sure. I was then able to spend a few hours, with no disturbances, packing my suitcases up and I am beginning to realise I have a new dilemma. I seem to have acquired quite a few things since living here. That was not meant to happen! Not to mention my lovely shopping cart?! Unless I can disguise it as a carry-on bag? Or I may hide my sister in it and use her ticket for my cart as they are coming over next week. Surely she won’t mind. I’ll just have to make sure there in no spilt beer in there first and it will be all nice and cosy. All I have to do is sneakily wheel her on.

I was pleased that I manged to get my packing sorted as I was able to tootle along and say farewell to the market. I was excited to go and see what goodies were available and in season. I was all ready and thought I would grab a quick drink before heading out. Error. My flat now smells of soy sauce and it has done for a few hours. I was horrified to watch, in slow motion of course, as a bottle of the dark substance leapt from the fridge door rail and shattered all over the kitchen floor. I have yet to reach the puddle of soy sauce that I know is just floating around underneath the fridge. Yet, that wasn’t enough to deter me from the market it just delayed me. So after a speedy mop-up operation I went along to the market with a slight soy sauce smell clinging to me. Pleasant, maybe I shall produce my own perfume. I don’t think I anyone noticed?

Regardlessly I managed to grab a surprise present for someone from a lovely local farmer lady. I then returned to my smelly flat and lit as many candles as possible. I think I may even have to use a Yankee for this as a last resort. Oh well, I soon forgot about the smell as I indulged by making a fresh pot of coffee. My coffee machine is something I will find very, very hard to part with. Gosh, I am now going to have to actually pour hot water over coffee granules or, heaven forbid, make a cafetière! I then watched The Little Women. I have decided to make today slightly girlie, well as much as I can withstand, as Luke is away for the night. I then got sucked into watching an episode, or it might have been a couple, by accident of the real housewives series. It is far too addictive. I never liked Big Brother but this makes it ridiculously compulsive watching. I decided , after the third of fourth episode, to be a bit more mature and watch something educational. An American made documentary about the commoner who married Prince William, and her rear of the year sister. It is highly amusing how the Americans are portraying it. They adore them and it is very syrupy, slightly sycophantic and somewhat inaccurate.


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