Anyone For A Fright Night?

I have now begun to plan my next few trips. It’s hard being a traveller! In between my planning I decided to go for a walk and a Yogulatte. However, the weather people had different ideas as the rain began to pour down but nothing stands in my way of a Yougulatte! I skipped the walk and we went for dinner there and I am glad we did as I got to sample their new flavour of apple pie. It may just be their best flavour. Almost. I still have a ‘soft yoghurt’ spot for the peanut butter one, it’s just too nutty and lovely. We then ventured to Walmart, and other shops, so that Luke could get his coin book. That is correct, a coin book. I have sewing for my hobby so Luke has decided he didn’t want to be left out of all the crafting fun. He came up with the idea of buying a coin book and collecting all the quarters with states on untill he has all of them. All fifty. Aren’t we just the epitome of a rock lifestyle! It was then back to  our other hobby of watching The Mentalist. We are just far too crazy, right?

I was then able to enjoy my new candle

before heading to the shops. One man said I would never leave the bath and body shop I was in! Well I proved him wrong, just about, after I tore myself from a frosted doughnut scented candle. I instantly regretted I had as I struggled to make my way back to Riley in some very, very stong winds. I then had a few hours to get ready for my ‘date’ with Luke. Yes, even after six years , we still go on dates and I still get oddly nervous and excited. However, I was grumpy and Luke was slightly delayed so it wasn’t the best date we have ever had. Yet that is the good thing with going on a date with somebody you have already been going out with for ages as it doesn’t matter if the date doesn’t go well, you can laugh about it afterwards or in our case scream in terror. Don’t worry it wasn’t the date that caused us to become terrified but I had decided the best thing to do was to take Luke to the Fright Manor and no this wasn’t my way of punishing Luke for his tardiness but it is apparently an American tradition.

I have to admit that I was more than a little dubious about this decision as we pulled up to a one storey warehouse with a few suspect characters outside. I was even more worried when somebody wished us well and informed us that they were hoping we would come out alive. Were they being serious? That wasn’t very reassuring but I didn’t have long to ponder this as we then had to escape the guillotine

before we could enter into the Fright Manor through a shadowy black curtained passage. At first I got the giggles at some of the displays but I certainly was not laughing for long. Instead Luke and I were jostling for who should be walking in front as different monsters jumped out at us and screams began to echo around the manor. Luke insisted he couldn’t see so I had to go first. Likely story! I always knew I was the brave one, until we came across a loony doctor and then I relegated Luke to the back again.

All of a sudden the manor got decidedly more frightening as butchers, scarecrows, gorillas, luminous skulls, babies and dominating looking people jumped out in the darkness and it was dark. There were more than a few times we couldn’t see in front of us, not even our hands. Regardless, we bravely continued to try to push the other one in front and I am pleased to say I was better at this game than Luke. I managed to cower behind Luke quite a lot a we tried to quickly shuffle our way through the maze and ended up getting lost a few times. I stayed cowering untill there were some men wielding a chainsaw each were chasing us from behind, through a maze of bloody sheets, so I was then very keen to go in front of Luke on that particular section. There was just so many different frightening things to go through including a  huge spongy, suffocating, retractable tunnels that you had to squeeze yourself through. There was then one particular underground tunnel, lit up by strobe lightening, that had a glass floor revealing a body underneath. The lady in front of me pleaded with a faceless figure in the shadows to go another way. In the end she asked if she had to go in the tunnel and if there was no other way. The silent figure eerily shook his head and we all had to go through the tube which was finished off nicely by a hanging head at the end. Such a nice touch.

Finally we ran,  quite literally ran, away from a scene that reminded me of the Texas Chainsaw Masacre yet it was somehow more realistic when you are the ones running from the chainsaws. Not very good! We then managed to avoid taking a runaway chainsaw wielder home with us and made it safely to the car. We breathed a sigh of relief as we swiftly locked the doors and left to pick up some nibbles on the way home. We needed some bits after the terrible frights we had. I thought that will teach me never to go into somewhere that is called Fright Manor and think that I will remain calm and that I wouldn’t be scared. As I stumbled blindly screaming my way through the manor’s maze,  I decided that the next time I will not laugh in the face of fright, or mock it.


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