So Long, Farewell

It was up early and off to the gym on Monday, followed by a lovely late breakfast with Liz. It was then time to take Ms Brown to the mall. On the way we popped into the library to see if we could find anything as good as Some Like It Hot. We didn’t quite manage but got a few more modern films instead. I was silly and thought that we would then go straight to the mall but alas, we were cornered by two lovely ladies in the library. I began to worry at first as one was a security guard but they just wanted to know if Liz had a sister because they had seen someone like her upstairs. Liz replied that she did indeed have a sister but that her sister was back in England. Well, as soon as she spoke I realised it was going to  be a lengthy conversation as it appeared that the ladies adored the English. So Liz, the more sociable one, entertained the ladies by saying certain words in her accent like ‘garage’ and ‘cup of tea‘ . She even told one lady she would be back to share a cup of tea with her! They also wanted to know if we drink our tea with our little fingers raised and curled as well as if we still have cobbled streets. In addition, they informed us we spoke perfect English but with a British Accent. Well, English is the main language of Britain where it has been spoken for many years but I think one of the Ladies thought that America had invented the language. Oh dear, that was definitely my cue to retreat whilst international relations were still intact.

I reflected, on the walk to the mall, about how lovely the ladies were and how you can have a conversation with anyone here. I also realised that I have definitely still got a bit of the traditional English reservedness but there is slowly a bit of the Hoosier style creeping in. We then descended on the mall and managed to find yet another Yankee candle shop! I don’t think my nose will ever be the same again but they do have some fantastic smells. It was then off to the cinnamon pretzel stall before heading back to Riley. Well, we almost went straight back but I thought it would have been very rude of me not to take Liz to the Flying Cupcake Bakery. Then we headed back to Riley accompanied by a Red Velvet Elvis and a Boston cupcake. Then it was time to relax from todays exertions in the jacuzzi and sauna. It’s a tough job being a hostess!

It was then fajita and film time before bed. The next morning I had to endure Titanic again! I couldn’t believe it! On two screens as well. I was just thankful Liz and Luke weren’t here to make me do Rose impressions again. I don’t think the ‘king of the world’ scene would have been easy to conduct on a cross trainer! Then it was time for my beloved guest to begin her packing. I have no idea what I will do when she goes! It has been so nice to see her and have her fantastic company. So, I took us off to the supermarket and brought supplies to make a nice lunch with. We then had our last customary sauna and jacuzzi session before getting ready for what Liz referred to as ‘the final supper’. Well I had hoped it wouldn’t be as drastic as that! All I was aiming for was a good meal at the 3 Sisters Cafe.

We scratched and sniffed our way to the cafe in Broad Ripple. Don’t worry we hadn’t contracted a deadly disease or anything like that but it was thanks to the Yankee Candle magazine Liz had picked up. We hadn’t realised it was a scratch and smell magazine until that point! We must have looked very odd to the other drivers as we constantly sniffed each page instead of reading it. Then, luckily, I reached my nights aim with a plate of homemade hummus and pita.



Luke and Liz both had sandwich and soup. The portions were huge and comforting. The cafe itself was creaky and had a lovely vibe about it. We then took Liz to one more wonder of Indianapolis, The Fresh Market,  and she loved it. I managed to replenish my supplies of Wasabi Peanuts and Praline Cashews. The other two got their own deserts as well and Liz very generously brought me some flowers and some sparkly wine.

It was a perfect final evening until Luke decided to do his best Bucking Bronco impression by repeatedly jolting the car forwards. However, Liz found it hilarious so it appears Luke has finally got a partner in crime. I just let them get on with it. Almost like a parent who is just patiently waiting for their child to grow out of the next crazy phase.

The flowers now have pride of place in an ad-hoc style vase

and we made a toast to our holiday on our balcony.


Well, I was happy to be toasting to our exciting adventure but I think Liz may have been more preoccupied with not looking at how hight up we are. Don’t I treat my guest perfectly? However, we survived the toast and enjoyed one last film before going to bed. We werent in bed long as it was up incredibly early to drop Liz off at the train. It was a watery goodbye and I sent Liz off on the train with a packed  breakfast and a hug. I then had no idea wat to do with myself without my friend so I launched into some cleaning and tidying with a lot of vigour. However, without Liz there I still felt as deflated as my air-bed which is now a crumpled pile on the floor.

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