Things That Go Bump In The Night (Chicago 2)

Finally the LiLu were reunited in the lobby of the Chicago Getaway Hostel. After much squealing and giggling, like a pair of schoolgirls, we made it back to the room and shared the feast I had got from the supermarket.

Liz was shattered after her journey and I have to admit I was pretty tired from my train-cach-subway-bus-walking debacle from earlier on. Still she turned into Mrs Claus and gave me lots of underserved presents , including two beautiful necklaces! I haven’t even got her safely around Chicago or Indianapolis yet! I am dubious as to whether I can but she is showing faith. We then had showers to wake ourselves up. These were like very upscale versions of the ones I have regularly used on caravan parks . However, they were more colourful and the water remained hot and was powerful instead of dribbling. It almost woke me up but I feared not even an extra shot of caffeine would help clear the haze.

I carried on regardless as I dragged Liz out for a bit of a wander around Lincoln Park and a short whirlwind tour of Clark Street. We were then withering away so we melted back to the hostel and prepared for our first night in the hostel. This included a spot of unpacking and then I clambered onto the creaky top bunk and prayed it wasn’t going to collapse. It didn’t and I was all set for the land of nod. At least I thought I was until a little later on I heard a thud and was more than a little surprised when a huge camel blanket flew through the air and landed on top of me. I had no idea what was going on and I sneaked a quick, increadiably cautious peak from underneath the blanket to see where this flying missle had come from. Funnily enough I saw Liz standing by the bunk-bed gazing at where I was lying. I wondered if she had enough of our holiday already? Was I snoring? I did try to communicate with her but there was no response. Luckily, I remembered Liz has a slight habit for sleep-walking and definately a habit of sleep-talking and I quickly realised this must be what was going on. This was good as she was about to try to vault upto the top bunk bed! I pinched her lightly to stop her climbing up to my bunk on the wrong side and she went back to bed. I then spent the next hour listening for sounds of movement or a way of telling if Liz was sleeping soundly again. I was terrified I had caused irreparable damage. I had a brain wave, after she went back to bed and therefore a little too late, that you are not meant to disturb sleep-walker! All I could think was what if she never wakes up? Gosh, had Liz flown all the way to see me only to never wake up from the first night?

Thankfully we survived our first night and Liz was fine, and more importantly very much awake, the next morning. We make such a pair with me getting up to go on frequent bathroom trips, which meant clamouring down the creaky bunk bed in the dark and negotiating my way to the door over various obstacles, and Liz with her sleepwalking and talking. We discussed this over a fantastic breakfast of cereal, coffee, bagels, cinnamon bread, toast, peanut butter, bananas and a much needed coffee! We then merrily ventured out into the Lincoln Park district and then filled up on even more coffee at Starbucks and Liz was introduced to a Salted Caramel Mocha. We then had to unexpectedly nip back to the hostel as I had left some vital documents in the room. I am very organised yet I still managed to be feather-brained at the last minute. Never mind, after double checking we did actually have everything we went to the El line and went to the Museum Campus. Well, we got a bit lost first and found a friendly workman who steered us in the right direction. I’m glad its not just me with the bad sense of direction although if one of us was good with getting us places it may have been slightly useful.

Nevertheless, we said goodbye to the hostel, again, and headed towards the museum campus and began the first day of our adventure tour in Chicago.



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