Back To Reality, Almost.

After finally ridding my living room, and my life, of washing for the immediate future I enjoyed a glorous sunrise before the gym.

Then I decided to tootle off to Starbucks for a coffee and some time out. The latte was lovely, the weather was gloriously bright but very crisp. Apparently Fall has arrived in Indiana? However, my peace was somewhat disturbed by the huge digger creating a hole in front of where I was sitting. Mental note for next time is to bring some ear plugs!

Slowly, I have then been returning back to my routine of going to the library, the gym and I have finished my sewing so am keeping a beady eye out for the next crafty hobby I can start. I have seen a kit to make a Papier-mâché Ghost for Halloween? I won’t be here for that but I could leave it for Luke as a reminder of me. Maybe a Papier-mâché Witch would be more appropriate for that purpose.

I have also made a trip to the train station which I didn’t know existed except for the huge, noisy freight train hooting along the distant tracks every so often. I have now got so used to it I sleep right through its hoots. I may even miss it when I am back in the UK. Maybe I will make a recording of it to play back when I am missing Indy. After trying five doors that were all locked and looked like they led nowhere, I looked around and discovered I had been trying to get into the service entrances of The Station Hotel. The station was actually on the other side of the road, no wonder the workmen were looking at me bemused! Still, I managed to get there and then had a lovely walk back through Indy, stopping at the post office along the way. I found it first time round and did not end up in the Federal Court this time. I brought my postcards for the West Coast ( and almost skipped home as I had done all my ‘tasks’ for the day.

I then spent a day baking mountains of Pumpkin Bread and Banana/ Sunflower Seed muffins for when my talented, beautiful friend from the UK is coming to visit!


If Luke doesn’t gobble them all first, which if he does he will not be getting any more packed lunches made for him. By the end of the baking malarkey I was covered in flour and needed to use lots of elbow power whilst trying to wipe the surfaces clear of the sticky, gloopy, floury patches. Oh well it was worth it as I had moe than a few slices of the Pumpkin Bread. That is the problem with baking! I end up eating way too much of it. Well someone has to be a taster, right?

I then had to concentrate on packing for Chicago, which is where I am meeting my friend. I had to keep repacking my suitcase untill I could just about close it, once I sat on it. I’m only going for a few days! I need to go on a course about how to pack lightly. I don’t know how I will get all my things back to the UK. What about my shopping cart!Will it fit in a suitcase? I can’t leave it here! I shall go and check if it fits.

Once I had packed I was able to relax and enjoy my anniversary meal with Luke accompanied by the bottle of red we got from the winery in Sonoma, It was lovely.

I just can’t believe we have been going out for six years! Luke insists you would get less for a criminal offence. Charming! My dad also provided his input of “God Good, You two should be married with children by now”. Thanks! Just remember dad that traditionally it is the father of the bride who pays for weddings so just be thankful we are not married by now!

The weekend got even more lovely on Saturday as I was awoken to breakfast in bed. A rare, extremely rare, treat for me. It was lovely as Luke had made scrambled eggs on a bagel and even managed to work my coffee machine! However, the bagel he had used was a cinnamon and raison one. I’m not quite sure if it worked with the scrambled eggs. It’s the thought that counts though. We then became aware of music from outside and went on the balcony. I thought, has Luke planned a romantic surprise for me and was there a band below our balcony playing serenades? No, it was a huge Fiesta party in the park near our flat. Oh well, maybe next year?

We went and explored the festival which had Ronald MacDonald encouraging a group of kids to sing and dance. There were some amazing smells and lots of stalls selling trinkets. We then wondered to the mall and this proved to be a slightly eerie trip. Luke had to drag me away from a delicious candle shop, they even had Cinnamon Doughnut smelling candles, and he stopped me spraying any more perfume on myself as he thought I was beginning to smell like a fruit cake! We then carried on into the mall and realised the lights werent on in one half of the mall, there was no-one around and all the shops were closed. This is occasionally the start of horror films so we got a bit worried, especially when we were surprised by a security guard on a Segway who came zooming past in the stealthy ways that Segways do. However, we found out it was nothing more sinister than work on water pipes and they had to limit risk of electrocution.

After the unusual mall experience it got more strange as we entered the Indy Irish Fest at Military Park. There was a sea of green people. No not leprechauns but people wearing as many items of green clothing as they could. There were lots of people walking around with a pint of Guinness, bagpipes playing, people playing hurling, people walking around with stew and live music stages. Luke was a traitor and got a pint of Coors and a pulled pork sandwich.

However, he did also get a portion of bangers and mash and then we enjoyed the music provided by the McPeakes. It was lovely just sitting outside, listening to Irish reels and soaking up the friendly atmosphere. There were a few worse for wear characters but in a nice way. There was one man who went up to the front of the stage and did the slowest head-banging routine I have ever seen but he looked like he was having a ball, which is all that matters.


We then popped to the shops to pick up a few things. I must have the power of foresight as I had brought some stain remover. This came into handy at the till as I dropped a bottle of Diet Coke all over the flour. Fellow shoppers gasped, and I cringed, as l watched two Litres of the dark liquid being emptied onto my cream trousers. The horror! Especially when the server wasn’t overly helpful and gave me another bag. I had to inform him we were at a point that was beyond bags and maybe a mop might be more sufficient?

I am now re-packing my suitcase in peace as Luke has gone to the Colts game. I jus hope I get to Chicago ok tomorrow and don’t end up somewhere else! Then I have to complete my mission for tomorrow and make it to the hostel before my friend. I have a window of about four hours. Surely this is enough? My sense of direction can’t be that bad. I’m hoping. Oh well, at least I won’t get hungry with my super packed lunch. Isn’t it strange that this is the first packed lunch I have made for myself , and not Luke, since we have been here! I did make his as well although I am slightly regretting it after he has come back after having had five pints at the Colts game. Thank you to those who went with him, you know who you are! Actually, I do really appreciate the free time to sort packing out but I am now having to fend him off with various kitchen appliances whilst I am trying to make dinner. Good job I can multi task otherwise one of us might end with some chicken soup over our heads and I can tell you know it will not  be me.


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