Nothing Says The End Of A Holiday Like A Huge Pile Of Washing!

So we had a quick snooze at the hotel and then we actually had to organise our own transport and luggage in order to get to LAX on time. Queue a bumpy ride on a shuttle bus and a very, very, very long line to check in! This came as a bit of a shock to the system I can tell you after being used to being picked up by bus, taken in style directly to the plane and walking straight on. Oh how the Lulu’s have fallen.

Another shock was going through security again. I am all for the security measures and I was surprised that we didn’t have more on the air-cruise. However, I did feel a little bit nervous as I can never remember if I have left any contraband items in my bag like a bottle of water etc, which I did on the flight to La whoops. However, I was all fine and my bag even received compliments from the security guard, so I slunk back to where she was stood and whispered thank you and informed her it was a present from my parents. I don’t think the other guard, who was waiting from me to come through the scanner, was very happy about me going off course like that. I then sped up when I saw his scowling face. I nearly pelted through the scanner when I saw another guard inform passengers to make sure they have removed all items, such as belts or phones, or he would have to do a search that no-one would like. What made this more disconcerting was that he said this while theatrically snapping on  a pair of latex gloves. I think a lot of people then hurried up and I could just see everyone double-check they had no earings or belts on.

We then grabbed an extortionate, but lovely, sandwich and nibbles from a croissant shop. Why is it that airport food is so expensive? I then left Luke and had a gander at all the perfumes. Well I went and did my ritual sprays of all my favourite perfumes so I smelt nice on the plane. I even had a giggle with another lady who was doing this at the same time. Well it is the best way of knowing what perfume to get next and I think I have fallen in love with Dior Hypnotic Poison. However, I do not love the price. Luke?

We got on our first short flight and the Captain actually came into the passenger area and spoke to all of us, which was reassuring as it was before we had taken off. I would have been panicky if it had been during! We then grabbed a quick smoothie and I picked up some delectable nibbles for our next plane. I found the nicest treat imaginable from a health store. If wasabi peas/ peanuts are there to give your taste buds a kick then praline cashew nuts are there to soothe your taste buds. Delicious. It almost took my mind off the fact that once we were in the air it began to feel like we were in a washing-machine due to turbulence. Don’t worry we didn’t do a 360 or anything it was just dropping and going up a lot. It felt a bit like we were going over a speed bump or down a half-pipe due to the motion. Turns out that even after the air-cruise I am actually not much better on planes when it is turbulent and Luke definitely had fingernail imprints.

Another thing that made me groan, a little bit, was that our seats were next to a young family with a baby and toddler.You know the sinking feeling you can sometimes get when your sat near a young child, on a long journey, and you worry they will just scream but i’m sure that will change if I ever have children. However the groan was unjustified as they were very well-behaved it was Luke that I had to keep in check! However, what made the turbulent spell even worse was when the little boy sat next to us shouted out, rather a bit too gleefully, “were going down! Daddy were going down!”. I sincerely hoped not but I did see the funny side of this as his mother caught sight of my expression and tried to hush her son up. On the plus side I carried on taking deep breaths and even got to listen in on the bedtime story that the Dad was telling the little boy sat next to me, once he realised the plane was safely staying in the air. It was all about Sesame Street. Nothing calms you down more than the sight of Big Bird.

There was then a near miss accident in the taxi on the way home, but we survived and got back at a reasonable hour. This meant I could get cracking on our huge pile of washing. It really was huge and it presented me with a dilemma. How was I going to dry it? Unfortunately, the majority of items were not ok to put in the tumble dryer. Drat. Luckily I was feeling creative and I came up with the idea of hanging the wet clothes all around the ironing board. How good is that?

The ironing board now has multiple uses. You can dry your clothes, iron them then hang them back around the board. I wonder if there is a market for this? Maybe I should go on Dragons Den? I will have to think of something as I am struggling to find a Christmas job to come home to. It appears I can’t even be a Customer Advisor in Boots. Oh well, I am glad my degree is proving so useful!

For now I shall just concentrate on my quilt making and on postcarding the West Coast (please see to see who I have postcarded). I consoled myself with being rejected from Boots by preparing Luke a lunch in his new lunchbox.

Look at all the compartments!( This is a plea to my friends, when I come back to the UK please save me from my domestic-goddess stint!) I also conducted a mammoth quilting session and I finished it! After a rejection I felt like being productive and achieving something. I think I succeeded although it’s not going to help me buy Christmas presents. Unless I make everyone a quilt? Look out family! I have seen some very interesting patterns, Barbie or Spongebob anyone?


  1. Your post was funny. 🙂 From another liberal arts graduate (political science and modern languages) good luck with your search! I’m getting my masters in counseling now. 🙂 Thanks for my post mention, and I look forward to reading your blog more! The ironing board does get a lot of uses!

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