The Vegas Strip and Grand Canyon In Film

Here are a few videos I took towards the end of the holidays. I apologise for the appalling camera work, I didn’t take after the more creative members of my family!It appears my approach to camera work is like my approach to other things ; haphazard, not always at perfect angles and sometimes a little bit random but always with the aim of trying to do my best. Occasionally it does work.
I also apologise in advance for any repetitiveness.
Warning: I am a bit trigger happy with the zoom.
Here is a shot of the rollercoaster Luke made me go on. I apologise for random filming!
Here is some more views of Las Vegas Strip
Here is the view as you go up one of the side escalators. Here you will hear me ask Luke for help as my dress was doing a Marilyn Monroe. I apologise for random talking, I didn’t realise it recorded sound!
Here is sights from the strip again.
Here is the volcano show , which nearly singed my eyebrows.
Caesars Palace.
Here is the fountain show. Apologies for singing! Very embarrassing but had to put this one up for the comedic value of me trying to follow the water.
Walk back to hotel, barefoot and getting distracted. Keep an eye out for the leaping man!
Hold on to your hats and you may want to take anti-sickness tablets before viewing this motion packed footage! Watch as I try and follow the Condor, and miss. Listen as I talk about my mums visa because I didn’t realise it picked up sound, duh!

Our hotel


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