The LuLu’s Are Going On A Summer Holiday!

So, the countdown is on untill the LuLu’s big trip and it is chaos time. I have spent the last few days packing, re-packing, sewing travel cushions to have on the trip (please see my ‘Growing, Making and Baking page), printing coupons and trying not to over-spend! The latter has been the most difficult part. However, I have managed some de-stress time by going for a coffee with my American friend which is always lovely and entertaining. We both find out words that the other one hasn’t heard of. It’s very culturally educational. I also discovered that Starbucks do the caramel waffle biscuits in miniature! Lethal but it is a gorgeous morsel of chewiness. The indulgence continued later on that evening when I took Luke to Bazbeaux and he had the cheesiest pizza ever!

Later that night was a huge storm and I did try to take a photo until Luke dragged me off the balcony. He reasonably pointed out that when there is lightning overhead you don’t want to be holding a metal object, on a balcony, on the 22nd floor in the middle of a storm. I hadn’t thought about that. Luckily a friend, Dan, managed to get this picture.
I am very envious as my perfect storm picture continues to elude me.
I then burnt off some of the pizza , well about one slice, by trying out my new Vibrams the next day.
These felt great to run in but a little strange. I tried them on the treadmill first just in case I had an accident and because it is now getting darker in the mornings. There are sometimes some questionable people around where I would run, even in the daytime, so I decided not to go in the dark. Yet, I almost wished I had as I felt very self-conscious in the gym. Not only did I look a bit like a hobbit-fish hybrid but I sounded a bit like a flat-footed elephant running on rubber. I also got some strange looks on account of my footwear. Well I hope it was due to my footwear! Still, I have fallen in love with them. Yet, my calves have not as they are still a bit sore two days later. This will ease in a few weeks as I get used to them. Apparently. Hopefully, as it has been a struggle walking down stairs for a few days!
I was then back on suitcase duty, organising everything and feeling a bit like I had turned into Monica from Friends.
I have got my sun-hat and my new books, which I am very excited to read, so I think I should be ok . I just need to make sure Luke has a book or a spreadsheet and I shall have a few minutes of peace at some point during the holiday. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your suitcase all ready to go. Well, my suitcases are never completely ready until they are on the plane and it is too late to re-arrange them. I am now feeling very excited all I have to do is make sure Luke is packed. I fear this will be my biggest challenge. I think I will go for the carrot and stick approach. My carrot is a handmade travel pillow.

My stick will either be a literal one or I will give him the silent treatment and nobody wants to suffer from that.
However, I did make some progress and Luke got to the shops to buy some clothes for holiday. We went a bit overboard and brought quite a bit but he looks lovely in them so it is worth it. I may also have made a few sneaky purchases but I am trying not to think about this. Luke is the opposite of a typical male and encourages me to buy things if I want them and they will make me happy. Not what you want to hear if your trying to save money for a holiday! Yet I was able to resist the Willy Wonka Vending machine. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! What a nightmare for parents and children alike. It captivated me so I can just imagine the arguments parents and their children will have over whether they can have some candy or not. It was similar to the argument Luke and I had I am sure. This wasn’t just a normal vending machine. It was just so purple, interactive and even spoke to you!
However, I then spotted a Reece’s vending machine and was momentarily distracted so Luke grabbed his opportunity to steer me away.
We then had a lovely evening once we made it home. There was a lot of traffic due to the football match and Moto GP, which has meant the roads are full of amazingly loud motorbikes and football fans combined. We decided to get an emergency drink for the car and Luke got a packet of crisps.
Just look how big they are! They are referred to as a grab if your hungry bag and these aren’t even the family sized ones! We also made one last stop to return our DVD’s through the drive through box at the library and returned to Riley.

We had a nice comforting dish of chicken and pasta before heading for a drink with Dan. It was a bit like our first meeting and we were in the same bar. However, I was sensible this time and only had one alcoholic beverage so no hangover or self-banishment to the sofa. It was a bit of a reminiscing drink as Dan will be the first one to leave in just a month then me and then the others. We will soon be dropping away and back to little England and it definitely will seem very little compared to the over-sized Indianapolis! What will be funny is seeing how Luke says goodbye to driving his Edge, Jeep and Camaro . I wonder how readily he will adjust to driving his Clio again? Oh dear.
For now I am off to help with Luke’s packing or monitor depending on which way you look at it.


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