Bugs, Skirts and Going For A Spin

After a rather hectic weekend we decided to have a relaxing trip to the cinema on Monday to watch One Day. It was an enjoyable watch although I am still a true bookworm at heart. I would recommend going to see it but maybe read the book first, well I am glad I did it in that order. Once the film had finished the relaxation was over as I spotted a golden opportunity. There was a huge, dark, empty car park and there was the car just waiting for me. I made Luke hand over the keys and I took the car for a spin. I felt it was about time the poor car got a half decent driver and I would like to say I floored it and gave the Stig a run for his money but that would be being a little economical with the truth. It appears that I am too careful for that but now I can certainly appreciate why Luke likes to speed off at lights in this car. I just wish I knew what it felt like to drive it in a straight line as the circles weren’t so good for gaining speed but I think this was Luke’s intention.

I was brought back down to reality the next day as I found myself  sat sewing on the balcony. Yes, I am still sewing the quilt. I hope it is worth it! Although I may be so paranoid it will get damaged that I will have to frame it instead. If I can find a frame big enough! I have also branched out into making a few skirts (please see my making, baking and growing page). They turned out ok-ish, after an emergency phone call to my Nana to see how exactly one can make a button-hole. The skirts are a bit long as my sister highlighted when she pointed out that I do have legs but they can’t be seen in the skirts. However, I guess it is better to be conservative! At least they have not turned out like the plants I was trying to grow, which are now  definitely dead. I’m afraid I am not living up to my family name. I then had to make a hasty retreat when a huge bug, that sounded like a mini helicopter, descended on my balcony and stayed there for the next couple of hours. Once I realised it hadn’t flown all the way up twenty-two floors to attack me I sat back down and continued sewing but ensured I kept a beady eye on my bug-like companion. I still can’t believe how big it was! Terrifying.

I was soothed later on by a nice meal that Luke cooked for me. This consisted of mash, asian flavoured Tilapia and green beans. It was lovely and reminded me of the cookery class we went to. Then I got some bad news. The next cookery class (meant for tonight) has been cancelled! It was skinny sweets themed as well. I had been looking forward to that all month. Oh well, I shall just have to try to bake something else tonight but I still feel a little of that bitter disappointment when you have eagerly anticipated something and then it gets called off. Maybe I am being a little selfish though as it is not the instructor’s fault she is ill! So now I will go to be calmed once more in the presence of giant crocodiles and dinosaurs, before nipping to the shops to find something to cheer me up. However, there is not a lot you can do with a chicken that could compare to making lots of desserts. Still, I shall have to make the best of this evening. Maybe that should mean frequenting my favourite frozen yoghurt place?



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