A Walk In The Park

I spent the end of last week sewing and reliving my ‘youth’ by beginning to watch MI:5 (aka Spooks) right from the very beginning. I never thought that when I watched the first episode many years ago I would be re-watching it from my home in Indianapolis! I suppose life can be quite odd at times, well mine has certainly had a few curveballs so far. Mainly due to my other half who also changed my plans for the weekend rather randomly on Friday night when he came home to announce he was signing up for the Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon, which was the following morning. Can you see a pattern emerging to our ad-hoc approach to sporting events and our training methods or lack of them. Fast forward a few hours on Friday night and Luke finally returned in possession of a race entry, a very tight cycling top that was borrowed from his manager, a helmet, an assortment of sports drinks and energy snacks. He was a lot later than he said he would be and I had already been a little bit cranky so I didn’t take this too well. However, I was immediately placated by the sight of Luke. Not just Luke it was more the gifts he was bearing which were a few beautiful sunflowers that I have had to store in a bin because I do not have a vase. I think it makes them look quirky?

He also had a huge bag of wasabi peas , some fresh bread and a container of hand-made peanut butter which you grind yourself at The Whole Foods Market.

He really does know the way to my heart! Forget jewelry and chocolate, just give me a selection of those goodies and I am happy.


I then decided to fix Luke a pre-race energy treat. I introduced Luke to the wonder that is a peanut butter, jelly and banana bagel.

Looks horrible but tastes great. I now think I am going to have to re-hide my secret stash of these items as Luke loved this combination. I really should have thought about that first. Now my sacred stash of peanut butter is no longer safe. We then spent the next few hours locating the right sports clothes for him whilst also researching the training he should have done for the event. We discovered that apparently a quick dip in the pool the night before does not count as training. I have to admit I was slightly worried about whether Luke would survive or not. I was hoping he would but the idea of the triathlon was slightly worrying me. Unfortunately, we could only find one bike to borrow which meant I was exempt from this event. What a shame. Oh well, I would just have to be content with spectator duties.


Yet, after getting up hideously early for a Saturday, I decided I would not be content as a spectator and I went in my running gear. Not just as an attempt to try to fit in but to actually go for a run. We joined the masses of cars dotted around Eagle Creek Park and there were a lot due to around five hundred participants taking part. We found Luke’s manager and we all walked down to the transition area, along with the bikes and various equipment. The transition point looked a bit like a cattle station. Luke arranged his towel, bike, shoes and talcum powder (so he will now smell like an elderly person) for the transitions between swim-run-bike. I wished him luck and, feeling nervous for him, I set of on my run. Your would think all I would need to do is follow the ten kilometer signpost but no, I still got lost. I had to ask a police officer, then the entrance hut and then a fellow runner for directions. I felt very guilty for asking the latter as I interrupted his run just for him to point at the sign right in front of me which I had failed to spot. Slightly embarrassing. Yet it was worth it as I got onto the right track and felt a bit like I was in a Nike advert where there is a long empty road surrounded by various foliage. However, my ‘alone’ time with the road was interrupted for the last part of my run when, after many instances of having to turn around and go another way to avoid the cycle lane of the triathlon, I had to venture out onto it.


Now this is not just any cycle lane. This was a lane occupied by very fast road bikes with extremely competitive people riding them so essentially it was like running amongst a stampede and at times accidentally against them. I swiftly removed my headphones so I could hear, barely, the approaching bikes. I just had to hope I wasn’t going to get run over. Or shouted at for interrupting their race but I had waited to see if there were any other runners doing the same as me and then I followed suit once I knew it was ok. It did improve my run as I went quicker to get it over with. Especially on corners as I witnessed a nasty accident as a competitor took a corner too sharply. He then got on his bike, regardless of the blood pouring down one side of him, and cycled off. This made me even more worried about Luke! I managed to navigate my way safely to the end of my trail and resumed spectator duties. Unbelievably some people had already finished! I spotted Luke a bit later during his last transition and then cheered him over the finish line at an excellent time of under an hour and a half.


He did fantastic and I treated him to lunch at Yats to say well done. This place serves amazingly simple Cajun/ Creole food served on polystyrene trays and it has a great laid-back atmosphere. I had to laugh at the beginning as the server gave Luke a high-five when he heard my accent but then Luke spoke and he realised we were both British. This kept him amused for a while. I was slightly embarrassed but it was worth it for the food. I had a mushroom and spinach etouffee and a roasted corn mixtures.

Luke had cheesey chilli and chicken curry.

Afterwards Luke had  a recovery period in the afternoon before we met up with some friends for drinks and popped into the Avec Moi grand opening.photo

It is a cute little place that provides fresh food that you pick up and cook once you get home such as lasagna and pasta dishes. The music was a little overpowering but the food was lovely. As was the food the next day when we returned to Hoaglin for brunch, after eating nothing all morning. It was so tasty and very busy with a large queue waiting to get in. I had a lovely egg white omelette with yummy rosemary flavoured roasted potatoes because apparently this is what you eat breakfast with?
Luke had everything you could get on a bagel.
We then dashed to a bike shop so Luke can start planning to get all of the equipment for a triathlon. I have a funny feeling this will now take over Luke’s life for a bit but I don’t mind as it is such a good hobby to have. I don’t think I will try it though, the thought of wearing a swimming costume, whilst running, in front of so many people might just cause me to have an anxiety attack. No, instead I have already set my sights on my next challenge. A Rebel Race involving lots of army type manoeuvres and a ton of mud. So much more appealing and mud is meant to be good for the skin. Its perfect. I get a full mud mask and a workout in one. I just have to persuade Luke to take part now.


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