The Buckeye State : Part Two

I survived the short walk to the gym and was amazed at how huge it was or rather how huge the one room was, which contained all of the equipment. It was a bit like a B&Q shaped building filled with weights and running machines. It was a little bit disconcerting that I couldn’t see any nooks and crannies where I could go and hide myself on a cross trainer for a while. I decided to be brave and chose the one at the front of the hall, only to later discover that if I had only looked up I would have seen a separate balcony where all the cardio machines were hiding and it looked like the perfect spot for a cosy workout. Never mind, I wasn’t in the open for long as I quickly slinked off to a yoga lesson. This was a rather odd yoga session. No-one spoke to me, at all, untill the very end. There was also old-fashioned piano music playing throughout, which made me fondly remember old Mr Bailey who used to play the piano in my dance lessons when I was much younger. I then had to refrain from looking skeptical at some of the different names that were used for certain positions, like the ‘flying pigeon’, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the end of the class because I felt sufficiently stretched.

I was then even more surprised as I met the instructor for the body sculpting class who introduced herself in an unusual accent. There was definitely something that sounded oddly familiar and then it hit me, she was British! Not only that, she was northern! I thought to myself that it really is such a small world in which I could end up in the remote town of Mount Vernon, in Ohio, being instructed on lunges by a lady from Southport. The accent, and the routine, meant I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. Although there was a near catastrophe involving a resistance band, a move which made me look like a sideways waddling penguin and a point where I nearly toppled over. However, with that catastrophe averted I then tackled my next mission for the day, which came in the form of Zumba. This mission turned out to be lots of fun and I can see why it has become so popular. I can also see why many men may struggle with a lot of the moves if they are devoid of any latin spirit.

I then checked out of the hotel and sat in the lobby with a lovely nutty coffee courtesy of hazelnut flavoured creamers. Now there is an addictive substance! I think it could make any coffee taste lovely. Well maybe not the ones Luke tries to make me because they are a bit like tar but its worth a shot. It might even make them a little bit more bearable. Yet, before I could finish this nutty delight I was met by the others, after their meeting, and we went to the diner next door. I was hoping that the ‘Men’ (I consider Luke’s colleague a man but I’m not sure about Luke. To me, it doesn’t feel right thinking of ourselves as grown up just yet) would have better luck with their choices and we were not disappointed as we were greeted with a list of ‘Grandwiches’. Now you know it is going to be good if they have changed a word around to include a grand description and they were decent. Even if we had to eat them in the very chilly restaurant because of the AC. This is a bit of a problem everywhere because it is too hot outside and too cold inside. Last night Luke’s colleague and myself had come prepared with much-needed jumpers for the restaurant. Nevertheless, lunch was nice and we soon warmed up outside. We said goodbye to Luke’s lovely colleague, with the aim of a reunion at Berlin’s christmas markets, and set off for home.

We didn’t get far as Luke had left his jacket in his colleague’s car. We did a quick turn around and then began our journey back to Indianapolis, which was again cut short because I wanted to nip into the vintage shop I had spotted on our drive through Mount Vernon. It amazes me that such a small place has around three vintage shops, a tattoo parlor and a smoking shop! However, it was worth the stop as Luke brought two old Delta airline maps and one huge wooden peg.

I’m not quite sure why he got these but at least one of us walked away with a goodie or two I was unsuccessful although I did get to try on this fake-fur coat. It did weigh a lot and I don’t think it would be practical for our summer holiday but still, in my mind it might have added a touch of glamour to our aircruise.
Then again, possibly not.


Finally, we then got on the road to Indianapolis. Three hours feels like forever when your stuck in a car, even if it is associated with the transformers. However, I got to make my snack from breakfast so I didn’t go hungry.


Then Luke treated me to a Yogulatte when we arrived back home. Still our weight of yogurt was huge compared to everyone elses. I consoled myself with the fact it is our dinner and we were not eating again. However, then three people popped their precious containers on the scales and managed to have pots that were lighter than ours!  I wonder if there is a Yoghurt Anonymous group in Indianapolis.

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