Oh Ohio, Here We Go Again (part one)

After an unexpected incident involving Luke having to rescue his email from ’email jail’ we finally got on our way to Ohio. Luke was going for a meeting and I was tagging along. The drive was fairly long again but it was quite nice in Luke’s new car. I also had my first experience of a McDonalds in America when Luke stopped for a chicken nugget meal. He asked for small and they gave him ten! I see the whole downsizing their portions initiative is going well. He thought he was only going to get six so I had to be nice and help him out .That, and the huge diet coke, helped wake me up a bit. Our journey was then thwarted by road works and diversions but we eventually made it to the Holiday Inn.

We met up with Luke’s colleague and they went off to work and I thought I would treat myself to a swim. I double checked I was allowed to swim as there was a big sign on the door saying no-one could swim on their own. Well, I got Luke to ask and the receptionist laughed saying I was fine and that rule was meant for children younger than fourteen. That was slightly embarrassing, at least she didn’t think I was younger than fourteen! I went into the pool and this turned out to be an experience for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is the first pool I have been in where I can easily stand up in the deep end with my head still being above water and secondly it was also the smallest pool I have been in for a while. Well since I had a paddling pool when I was much younger. The lack of space resulted in me spending twenty minutes of swimming around in circles, as it was too small to do laps in, until I gave up. I just could not continue swimming round and round anymore. I felt like a dog chasing its tail in water, or possibly a hamster in a wheel. I retreated to my room and waited for the others.

They came back and we went out for dinner. We tried to find a good place to eat so that Luke’s colleague felt like he had been in America and not just on a plane to a hotel room then back on a plane. We decided on the Parkside Restaurant, which proved an interesting choice. I was ok as I stuck to Tilapia (which I was pleasantly surprised they had) but the others were more daring and chose steak. Turns out this wasnt such a good choice for them. Luke even found the cheesecake disappointing! However, the staff were endearingly enthusiastic and it was lovely catching up with Luke’s colleague as we used to see him in Berlin. We then headed back to the hotel and I dissuaded Luke from going for a swim, or attempting one. I went to sleep stupidly excited about what may be available for breakfast the next day. I’m such a big kid in that way because I always look forward to seeing what sort of things will be available. It’s a mini version of Christmas Eve each time I stay in a hotel.

I eagerly bobbed down to breakfast and  was able to procure some peanut butter pots, hazelnut coffee creamer and an english muffin. I had some cereal in the restaurant and took some goodies back to the room but shush don’t tell anyone. It will be my post-gym snack as I get to spend all morning in the gym next door. I’m looking forward to it as I get to go to yoga, body conditioning and then finally see what all the fuss is about with regards to Zumba. Wish me luck!


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