The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men (and women) Gang aft agley

After a successful night devouring Indy’s downtown we all decided to try to get up early and have a road trip to Kentucky. Not quite sure why but it seemed like a surprisingly good idea and there is actually a variety things to do there that doesn’t just involve eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, even though that had its own appeal. That plan, although it was formulated with the best intentions, failed miserably. We eventually met up around nine ish (am) to head into Indy in search of food for the others. I thought I was pleased I had already had breakfast until I got there. My word had I missed out and made Luke miss out too. We had visited Hoaglin, which is well-known for its fantastic breakfasts. I am going to go on a fast next weekend in order to be able to have breakfast here. The portions were huge and I enviously eyed Dan’s Mass Ave; Faye’s Biscuits and Gravy; Roanne’s Bagel and Jacks food (here my memory fails me).


I was consoled a little bit by my Mocha but it didn’t look half as yummy as everyone’s breakfasts. I have made a mental note to be less organised next Sunday at breakfast time. If only to avoid Luke’s puppy-dog eye expression, mixed with resentment, at having to sit through a fantastic breakfast and only be able to drink an orange juice due to having been force-fed toast earlier on.


We continued our unsuccessful streak as we excitedly made our way to the Eiteljorg museum to find out more about the Native Americans. Alas, that knowledge remains unknown to us as the museum did not open for another hour. Next attempt was to go to the cinema. This turned into a mini debacle as we attempted to find a film which would suit seven different personalities and the majority of which were over-tired from the previous night as well as possibly suffering a slight wine-head feeling. Finally, much to the amusement of the box office man, Faye and I went to see The Help and the others went to see Horrible Bosses. I really enjoyed the film, although I still prefer the book. We then tried to find the others afterwards and promptly left them to dive into a few shops. Faye was victorious in Old Navy and we returned to find the others being talked to by a policeman. As it turns out they had been reported for looking suspicious whilst they were sat in two cars waiting for us to return. They had also been moving these cars around and who knows what else. I dread to think of the hand brake turns and power slides that had been conducted to arouse suspicion. However, the policeman apparently said they didn’t look suspicious to him (good job he doesn’t know them!) and left.

We retreated back to Riley and went our separate ways. I had to have an emergency sugar snack as I had turned into a grouch like creature and then Luke attempted to cheer me up with a take away from Bazbeaux. I devoured a 12 inch cheese-free pizza to myself, whoops. There goes all the effort spent at bootcamp! We then relaxed in the jacuzzi and sauna before bed. It is a hard life but never fear because I am coping remarkably well don’t you think?

I awoke and got ready to return to Dinosphere. Unusual for a Monday but I had to swap my shift round. After nearly gaining a permanently crooked arm by holding onto a pole on the bus because there were no seats I got off at my stop. Then with a nice wave from the bus driver, which made me feel like I had just been dropped outside of primary school for my first day, I made my way into the museum. It’s funny how calming I find being stood at the Dinosphere entrance ramp, holding a puppet crocodile and staring at the Supercor. Well the latter still scares me but I have been assured they do not exist anymore and it is just a skeleton, even if I do keep expecting it to start walking around. I have mentally plotted my escape in case this happens. I also got to do a bit of sifting with some dinosaur bones and show children how to complete the task as well. Although some problems arose when they asked me to identify what they had found. I’m not exactly an expert yet but classifying ones I wasn’t sure about as a rock or coal seemed to work with the children. Not too sure about the parents but I think they were just happy their children were sat down being quiet for a few minutes.

After my shift Luke picked me up in a car with no petrol that threatened to just stop. Brilliant. I can’t understand how anyone can drive with a tank only a quarter full let alone near empty. I have a fear of breaking down somewhere completely inappropriate and dangerous, like the middle of roundabout. Luckily we made it to a petrol station and then parted ways for the evening. Luke went to his ‘Manday’ (really) and I went to bootcamp and had a girlie night at Roanne’s flat with Laura (a friend from bootcamp whose husband works for Rolls). It was lovely. We were going to watch True Blood but we didn’t really concentrate on it and ended up talking and eating popcorn instead. It was like being back at school except I was sat in a friend’s house in Indianapolis, which I still find surreal. I then returned home and was slightly smug I had out-stayed Luke for the evening. I took that as a sign that our girl night was much better.

Today has been rather good aswell. The only upsetting thing was I had my final bootcamp class as sacrifices had to be made in order to enjoy our upcoming holiday. The gym is now going to be hell I fear. However, I cheered myself up by going to lunch with Laura and I finally got to eat at Hoaglin. I had a blueberry glazed bbq chicken salad

and we both had to get to-go-boxes as the portions were huge. I wonder if that makes it better value because you can get two meals from one portion? If I keep telling myself that maybe I can eat out more?We had also ventured to The Flying Cupcake Bakery and I brought Luke a rather girlie Pretty In Pink jumbo cupcake. Well, I felt guilty that I had actually been a lady who lunches! I figured that the saying about the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and what says loving girlfriend more than a big, bright pink cupcake? Oh dear.

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