The Band Comes To Town

I was asked something very interesting yesterday, after bootcamp, by a friend wanting to know if it was true that you couldn’t get popcorn in the UK. Well, I’ve not giggled like that for a while. I thought maybe it had been a fellow Brit pulling her leg but no, it was an American who used to live in the UK. I assured her that for as long as I have been gong to the cinema, and that’s just under twenty years, there has always been popcorn. She was relieved to know she didn’t have to bring her own popcorn supply with her. Honestly, no popcorn? I’m not quite sure what sort of place people think the UK is. So far I have been told it is Harry Potter land, a land of no popcorn and a country America openly celebrates getting rid of with lots of fireworks. Its been insightful.

It was also at one of the bootcamps that I was told I needed to get a bigger bum, due to the sit-ups crunching my Coccyx. Firstly, I think my derriere is big enough . Secondly, I am going to bootcamp to reduce the size of my behind not increase it! So no, I won’t be increasing the size of anything. Instead I am having to lie on a few rolled up towels. It’s an interesting method but it seems to be working. Then, after one session, Roanne and I stumbled upon a park filled with an assortment of bands and instruments. There was different noises and ensembles dotted around the place. I have never seen such a large group, wearing some very interesting outfits, dancing around whilst playing tubas. It was something really special to see, stood in the sunny park and hearing the rousing band music. Granted there were many different bands, all playing different music, at the same time because they were practicing for the big band competition over the weekend. Still, even though it was a little out of sync, it was nice to listen to. I was a little astounded by the outfits though. One group looked like they were from sky wars and one particular conductor looked like a policeman from a future robo-cop film. It was quite unusual to see them wandering around Indianapolis.

I then nipped to the shops. I say “nipped” but I can never manage to do any nipping where the shops are concerned. I went in to the shop for some salad and ended up getting quite a bit more. Including a box of cereal bars which made me have a “damsel in distress” moment. As I looked up at the box I wanted, which just happened to be on the top shelf right at the back, I pondered the predicament I had found myself in. For a few minutes I just gazed up at the precious box. Eventually, I had to ask a shop assistant, who just happened to be shorter than me, for either a large step or a tall person to help me get them. I wasn’t fussy about which one. She returned with a very large, tall man who retrieved my cereal bars for me but not before he had laughed a bit at my situation. Nevertheless I got to take all of my goodies home and enjoyed a movie night as Luke was in Ohio for the evening.

Friday morning started really well. I went to the library for my new supplies of DVD’s and I even know the women at the desk now. Not sure if that is good or not! I then had a lovely coffee with a friend and discovered Americans do not know what jumpers are! It took a few minutes for my friend to work out I meant a sweatshirt and not their type of jumpers, which turns out to be what we call play-suits. I don’t think they will be very practical when your cold! It’s all terribly confusing! I was further confused when I went to The Flying Cupcake Bakery to choose another Friday treat for Luke. I left smiling and returned to Riley swinging the box of precious cargo; A Red Velvet Elvis jumbo cupcake. Now, aren’t I a good girlfriend? Well, im hoping it will make up for the nagging!


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