Why Hello There Ms Cardigan

Finally! The temperature has dropped enough for me to be reunited with my cardigans. I have released them from their captive state buried within my suitcase, where they were being stored, and I am making full use of the chilly 78 farenheit temperature. I first discovered the need to get reacquainted with my cardigans on the way to bootcamp this morning when I stepped outside and was surprised by the strange sensation of feeling cold. It took me a while to figure out what was odd about this particularly morning but then I realised that normally I am enveloped in stifling hot air that even smells like the woody inside of a sauna. I resisted doing a ‘cold dance’ and merrily made my way to bootcamp. Unfortunately, a few runs, sprints, squats and burpees will soon make you warm up.

Nevertheless, I returned to my new cool state of being after the bootcamp had finished and was able to put my cardigan on once more for the walk home. It really is amazing how much you can miss an item of clothing so much, granted I did practically live in the things in the UK but still. I have yet to don my jeans yet but I gleefully anticipate that it is only a manner of time.

With my new-found ‘bouncy’ step, as described by a fellow bootcamper, I headed to the Dinosphere. Before I entered the pre-historic era once more I had to negotiate a bus ticket with the machine and then the driver. Turns out if I stand gormlessly in front of the ticket machine at the front of the bus it does not mean it will produce a ticket for me. More blushes were caused when I discovered that it doesn’t produce a ticket for one way journeys, which is the type of journey I had just purchased and was, therefore, stubbornly waiting for a non-existent ticket. Even more humiliating was the realisation that, when I sit in the seat properly, my feet do not touch the floor. Interesting, even though I am an adult I still feel like a child when I have to swing my legs back and forth because having them just hang there feels odd. However, embarrassment was forgotten as soon as I entered Dinosphere.

I was tasked with informing visitors about supercroc again, but it appears a British accent is more appealing than this.

Surely not! It is the size of an American school bus and that is pretty scary! Another distraction and concern for people was the state the UK is in. I received a few questions about the London riots. The news has been very slow here and reports have been delayed a few days. Currently the reports show the riots just in London so it will take a few days before it hits Manchester for the Americans. It has been awful to watch the footage over here and I was very heartened to see images of the Broom Army and the Hackney Heroine. I went from feeling angry, ashamed to proud all in one night. Plus if we Brits do one thing well it is making a cup of tea in a crisis so I knew it was a positive sign when I found out that’s what a group of people were doing. No matter what the situation the phrase “I’ll pop the kettle on” is never too far away from working out a solution or making people feel better.

After a day at the museum and not being able to get to Manchester with my broom on time, even if it could fly, I decided that the only thing I could possibly eat for dinner was a huge portion from Yogulatte. If I could live off frozen yogurt I would. Preferably the peanut butter flavour but cappuccino, cheesecake and pistachio are good to. I’m not too fussy. Too much. Except maybe when it comes to the toppings and then it has to be dark chocolate or something peanutty, of course, mixed with fruit. Preferably mango and strawberry. Ok, maybe I am fussy and maybe I can see that Luke has a point about me taking ages to order anything. No point doing a job half-hearted I think! Even if it does mean it takes me two hours to buy a box of cereal and some juice.



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