This is not the post office?!

Its been an interesting week. It has gotten a little cooler, thank goodness! I even wished I had brought a cardigan, which I am really missing wearing, to the gig I went to the other evening. Luke took me to see Muse at the Verizon Wireless Centre. It was a lovely venue in the style of an amphitheatre.



There were seats at the front then a grassy hill at the back, which was where we were sat. The warm up band were a little shouty (Cage the Elephant) but they had some gentler moments. We then took the opportunity to grab some highly overpriced food. I was feeling sorry for myself due to that time of the month turning me in to a bit of a hormonal monster, which Luke would testify to. Vehemently. Therefore, what better cure to have than a freshly cooked juicy BBQ burger. Then some salty fries. Then a tasty foot long hot dog. Ok, so maybe we went overboard, slightly, but as we gobbled the food up with a shared sense of having a ‘guilty pleasure moment’ I didn’t care. It was so wrong but tasted so great and it was the first ‘fast food’ I have had since I have been here. It was delicious and I thought I had managed to eat the hot dog with as much elegance and dignity that eating a foot long hot dog could permit.

However, when I looked at my hands it looked like I had committed a crime as they were covered in tomato ketchup. There is just no way to eat that sort of food with any grace.


After cleaning our hands we went back and joined the crowd to bop along to Muse for a few hours. As always, the music was brilliant and it was lovely to hear a British accent! It was then a bit like wacky races trying to get out of the car park, whilst the parking volunteers stood and chatted. However, we got some kudos for our car and people let us out. The next day I was ready to go to bootcamp to make up for the previous nights indulgence. I definitely needed the stress release of bootcamp after a very embarrassing moment before the class. I went off in search of the post office to get stamps for TravellingLuLu’s Postcards. Easy, I thought. More fool me. As I tried to find the right door to go into of a very grand building, which even had ‘US Post Office‘ written above one of the doors. So I thought that I was in the right place. Wrong. I bumbled into the building blissfully unaware of my surroundings untill I got to a full security checkpoint area. Like the ones you get at an airport. Odd, I thought, for a post office to be so security conscious. I gazed in puzzlement at the two security guards and quietly informed them I was looking for the post office. I was kindly informed that this was definitely not the post office. It was , in fact, the federal court-house. Well played Lucy, I thought to myself as the security guard informed me of where I needed to be whilst trying to keep his face straight. I bashfully mumbled thank you and took myself off in what I thought was the right direction. How I didn’t spot the secure entrance and exits for cars (including a raised ramp and police box) I don’t know but at least I can say I have been in the federal court, almost by my own choice. I blame the building. Why did it have US Post Office written on it for any unsuspecting person to think they were in the right place? It’s just mean.

I couldn’t find the post office before class. Yet, I managed to get through the class even though I was dying for a wee. Running when you have drunk too much water is never a good thing! Afterwards, I was pointed in the right direction by my fellow bootcampers who refer to me, and another Rolls Royce employe’s wife, as the ‘travelling housewives’. On the plus side, at least it’s not the desperate housewives. I eventually managed to get my 50 stamps and stupidly asked if the stamps go in the right hand corner in America, like they do in Britain. The post office agent informed me that he thinks the positioning of stamps is pretty much universal. Well, wasn’t this the day for me to win a smartness award!

After the trauma of the day I went to get my first haircut for months! I was a little bit dubious at first as I was informed I would be getting my hair cut by a male. I don’t know why but I just prefer female hairdressers. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Especially as he was very good at the complimentary neck and shoulder masage. Even though I didn’t know this is what you get untill halfway through the massage when he remembered to inform me, maybe a tad too late but it felt lovely anyway. Then another surprise, although this time I was forwarned, was an amazing facial after my hair was washed. I then got a lovely haircut, with a nice chat thrown in. I am reformed. I think I will stick to male hairdressers now. Feeling refreshed I then had to do the good girlfriend thing and go to a Rolls Royce works do at the baseball. It was fun, if not confusing, to watch the baseball and nice to meet some more of Luke’s colleagues. Even if it felt like I was gatecrashing a boys night out. I have joked to Luke I will invite him to my works do, which will be just us and maybe a few cardboard cutout people thrown in to make it more of a bigger event. One day they may become real people again!



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