Expat Night Out

I spent all day cooking on friday. Who knew quail egg tortilla and cupcakes would take so long to make? However, it was worth it (I think). I had a ‘break’ from the oven to go to bootcamp and afterwards we went back to a fellow bootcampers beautiful townhouse to pick up some herbs. All legal, I promise, and very thoughtful of her as they made a fantastic contribution towards dinner. This diner was attended by Nikhil and Roanne and sounds posher than it was trust me, although there was a potato salad.

After dinner we didn’t fancy going to the outdoor cinema anymore, especially as it started pelting it down with rain and lightening began sparking across the Indianapolis skyline. So what were we to do? We took the chairs, and drinks, and sat on the balcony in the middle of the storm of course. The balcony was a perfect spot to watch the lightning, although the chairs did have to be moved nearer towards the walls as the rain crept in. It was great just chatting and enjoying drinks in the warm air , which was a bit fresher due to the rain (thankfully!). It was nice, and an added bonus, not to get struck by lightning aswell.
On Saturday we went for a drive, accompanied by a Jaffa cake coloured ladybird who stayed on the dashboard for the whole journey. It was a nice drive, but long, to get to the covered bridges. As it turns out we could only find one to drive through, but that was pretty special.
Almost worth the four-hour round drive! Nowhere is quick to get to here. However, we got back in time to get ready for a night out on the Indiana tiles. We stopped off at Nikhils flat for drinks first and then headed to the Rathskeller. It was packed, as always, with lots of revellers in the huge beer garden.
There was a live band on (with their lead singer looking suspiciously like our missing-for-the-night expat friend Dan) and we bopped away to music like ‘Sweet Caroline‘ and other classics. It was difficult to drag ourselves away from the dance floor, but drag we did.

We dragged ourselves, well a taxi did as Roanne was in heels and it was sweltering, all the way to the famous Slippery Noodle Inn.

At first, I thought that we had come to the wrong place as the room didn’t look big enough to contain a band. However, we realised if you walked through to the back of the narrow bar there was a few different hallways, leading to much bigger rooms. We found the room with the band in and they were brilliant.
As was the waitress service for our drinks. The bar was packed, smokey and loud. The atmosphere was fab and it was like being in a cowboy/ blues movie. Everyone, including us, were having a really good time. Then, to top off our mini bar crawl, we went to Howl At The Moon. This was just one big room (as opposed to Slippery Noodle Inn’s various nooks and crannies)  and was filled with a bit more of a younger crowd and various hen/ birthday parties. I was a bit surprised to see that they sold Newcastle Brown Ale, which took me back to university days. Not because I drink beer but because I went to Newcastle.

I was also surprised, although I’m not sure why by now, that they began to sing ‘God Bless America’ and gave Luke disapproving looks when he began singing along. He then subtly chanted UK but this turned into the bar chanting USA , as they misheard him, so this backfired somewhat. It still amazes me that there is such a high level or patriotism here. It makes me feel sorry for the UK in a way but then I know our country has more of a reserved form of patriotism. I think if we began singing ‘ Rule Britannia‘ at home it would not be taken quite as seriously. Still, I may try that when I get back and see how I get on.

This patriotic, emotional song was then followed by a highly inappropriate song to embarrass someone on her birthday. Lots of sexual innuendos, well not even innuendos just direct links. She must have some very nice friends to have put her through that on her birthday! We then got to enjoy the famous duelling pianos and in the hours of the early morning we walked back to Riley.

Sunday was very much a day of rest this week , and lots of carbohydrates. A pasta bake and a few movies later and the remnants of the previous nights alcohol consumption was eradicated. The next time I got out of the house was for a crazy bootcamp by the canal. However, I treated myself to a yogulatte in the evening and finally got mine down to less than five dollars! and I got to try the new cappuccino flavour, which is heaven.
I then went to bootcamp twice on Tuesday in a vain effort to make up for having indulged the previous evening. I now see the memorial in a whole new light, after having to run up and down it over thirteen times in one day. Somehow, a little bit of its beauty has been lost to me!
I also discovered that there was something wrong with the squirrels in Indianapolis when we saw one lying very still, and flat, on the path. I thought it had been run over by a cyclist but when we got closer the squirrel sat up . This caused us to step back surprised and various spectators laughed at us. Apparently this is the Hoosier squirrel’s party trick as we discovered lots more ‘sleeping squirrels’ around the park! I also found out that some people think I come from very odd places, not just Australia and South Africa. No, by far the best place I have been told I am from was when a fellow bootcamper introduced me to someone else. I waited patiently as he struggled to say where I was from and then he came out with ‘ the girl from Harry Potter’. Turns out that he views all Brits as coming from there due to the accent ! I hope they know Hogwarts isn’t real? Although that would have made doing leap frogs around the monument considerably easier! You will have to excuse me now, I have to go and polish my wand and Nimbus 2000.

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