Another car bites the dust

I started the week with bootcamp (and being laughed at for asking if I could just do crunches instead of the scissors to which my instructor replied that he can’t remember having been given the choice in his army bootcamp of being able to throw stones at the enemy instead of bullets/ grenades. Maybe a little bit of an extreme comparison but I could see he had a fair point and the classes are great). I also began trying to persuade Luke to get a cheaper car to run, as we have just booked our holiday. So, this evening he comes back home in this.


A Chevrolet Camaro, AKA Bumblebee, which also just happens to be the pace car for the Indy 500.Well, that is what you get for sending a car- loving male to go and get a sensible car. Really? This is Luke’s version of sensible. Words fail me.

After getting over the initial shock of Luke’s choice of a more financially sustainable car I decided to see what the attraction was. We went for a spin in our new car, whilst Luke was trying to persuade me that this was a much better car than the Jeep and a good choice as it costs less to run. Personally, I think he was hypnotised by the mechanical folding roof, which I have to say is much more appealing for me than the Jeep’s one we had to lift off and on.

This roof even stays with the car and we don’t have to leave it forlornly in our parking space. The boot even has its own fire escape route.
Although I thought it was illustrating the best way to put a person in a boot or possibly telling people not to keep other people in the boot. It confused me for a second.

I have to say, I am now mildly concerned about Luke getting another speeding ticket in this car as it goes very fast, very quickly. Umm. This might have been another factor in Luke persuading himself that this really was the best car to choose.

I have to admit , it was great to drive around in and be in an almost normal sized car. We could even see the card key box to get into our garage.
Normally it only came halfway up our previous cars! We also got to see the massive, noisy train go past the car. However, it very nearly went into the car as Luke assured me the flashing red lights were just a precaution. I assured him they were not as I pointed at the oncoming train.
Honestly, I don’t know how he gets by when I am not in the car. He needs a bumper sticker with a health warning for other drivers! However, Luke was unperturbed and went onto to tell me to “Smell the air”. I asked him why and he replied “You can smell the gears”. I thought he ment the car but we had just driven past a gear supplier. I think he has been working at the company for far too long already. I couldn’t smell anything and he said he would recognise the smell of gears from anywhere. Oh dear. It is a shame he doesn’t recognise the smell of flowers! It may prompt him to buy me some once in a while!


  1. I stumbled upon your blog while researching the Riley Towers and have to say I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experiences in Indianapolis thus far!

    I just put down a deposit at Riley today for a mid-November move-in, so maybe we can grab some coffee then.

    I read, too, that you’ve been volunteering at Earth House. My good friend Jordan is its founder and I’m so happy to read that you love it and the volunteer work! It’s one of my favorite places in the city.

    • Hi Alessandra,

      Thank you so much , I am glad you enjoyed the blog , I have also got some tips on Indy on (Sorry, I am not sure how much you know the area so please ignore if you know all this!).Yes, Riley is fantastic. The staff, pool, gym and other residents are all great. I t is also a fantastic location. I walk everywhere and this is definitely not a problem from Riley. I hope you will be as happy here as I am.

      Yes , we could grab a coffee. Are you from around the area?

      Yes, I volunteer at the Children’s Museum and at the Earth House. I love the Earth House. The whole concept of it is something I admire. I actually found it before I moved out here , due to personal interest in ethic and environment, and I have been telling everyone about it ever since. I have really enjoyed volunteering since I have been there.

      Thanks again for your kind comments and good luck with the move.


  2. I’m glad to hear such great things about Riley! What you said is also what I’ve concluded from all the reviews I’ve read online. I also have a few friends who have lived there and have had great experiences. I took a tour of the 18th floor studio model and knew I had to take it.

    I’ve actually lived in (or near) Indianapolis my entire life! I grew up in Brownsburg (northwest side of the city) and currently live in Greenwood (south side) but am moving soon. I’ve always wanted to live in “the city” and this is the right time to do it! I spend nearly all of my evenings and weekends downtown, anyway… so I may as well just live there.

    If I don’t run into you at Earth House soon, I’ll see you in November!


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