Bootcamp and Ballet

I spent Monday recovering from a little bit of sunstroke, which was brought on by the trip to the Turkey Run Park. I spent a relaxing day (apart from the gym) sewing and trying to plan route 66. Not much planning happened though as I have just rented True Blood from the library. I appear to have developed a slight addiction to it. Oh well, I did manage to complete another row in my quilt though but I am still not even halfway there! Im sure it will be worth it, one day. After a very disjointed Skype conference call with my mum and sister, I made it out to the shops when Luke got home. Then Luke cooked us dinner, which unfortunately ended up in the bin. I have made a mental note to never let Luke cook with five spice again. Ever. My poor mushroom steaks. Ruined.

On Tuesday, after the mushroom debacle, I decided to get a bit more active than usual. It is quite hard to do when the weather forecast’s ‘feel like’ scale was 110 farenheit! Nevertheless, after a trip to the library, I signed up for the Downtown Indianapolis Bootcamp. I returned half an hour later for my first class and I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too hard but still challenge me. Roanne and I were the only brits there so that provided a talking point. The class was inside today due to the scorching weather, but it was still really good. Everyone was lovely and it was a lot more interesting than staying on the elliptical trainer! The gym is going a bit stale for me now.

Energised by bootcamp we then made a dash to a ballet class. Yes, really, a ballet class. I felt like I was ten years old again in Mrs Beaumont’s Dance school trying to keep my arms straight and failing miserably. I felt a bit like I should have been on a football pitch and not doing pirouettes due to still being in my bootcamp gear, and socks, surrounded by lots of delicate looking people in leotards and ballet shoes. I had to stop myself from laughing aloud at the absurd situations I keep finding myself in since I moved to Indianapolis. Roanne got the ballet move almost straight away. However, I was having a few issues!I have now ordered all relevant ballet gear to see if that makes me feel more elegant. I’m not so convinced it will, maybe I do a few turns around the room with a book balancing on my head? That ought to do the trick. Possibly.

Today I was surprised I wasn’t achy. However, the one thing that I definitely was feeling was far too warm. Apparently this is the worst heat spell they have had for around seventy years (don’t quote me on that!). It is getting ridiculous, with a ‘feels like temperature’ of 45 degrees! Places are allowing people, with no AC at home, to stay longer . I have also been informed that severe weather shelters are turning into daycare centres for pets because it is too hot to leave them at home. Well that’s good, at least the pets are sorted! Meanwhile I had to squelch my way to the bus so I could get to my dinosaurs. It is like walking in a permanent sauna. Luke never told me it would be this hot! Next place we live is going to be somewhere very different, like Iceland prehaps.

I survived getting to the museum, only just, and started off in the Dino gallery (which displays a vast amount of Paleoart). I was given more information and then left to do my own study time for an hour. This consisted of doing a sketch of the Dracorex Hogwartsia, a clay model, reading dinosaur books for kids, drawing a dragon and doing a chalk rubbing. It was the best study hour I have ever had. I have also found a spot in the museum where I feel completely calm and inspired. It is in the viewing gallery and you can look down at the changing sky in the dome, as well as the different dinosaurs and their foliage. It really is something which makes everything else go away, making your mind wander. That is until some children come charging past. You begin to think about things. I now have lots more questions I want to ask people, but who can really answer what colour were dinosours? Did T-rex’s have feathers a bit like a large, and lethal, version of Big Bird form Sesame Street? Can we recreate dinosaurs?. This will remain unanswered for the time being. Unless I can create  a real life Jurassic Park that is. Maybe that could be my new project? ‘LuLu’s Lethal Park’ has a certain ring to it.

After Dinosphere, I made it to boot camp. This was where I began to feel achy, which I realised was not a good time to feel this as I began my judo push ups. However, I really enjoyed myself. Nothing screams stress reliever than a pair of boxing gloves. However, I received the punches of somebody who was having a really bad week , which I could feel with every punch that nearly sent me reeling. I am just glad we weren’t sparring for real! I then went home and enjoyed a bit of a relaxing evening again as Luke was still in Detroit. Not that it is not relaxing when Luke s here, but sometimes it is nice to have some time to  yourself as well.


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