T-rex’s and Tofu Tasting.

On Wednesday, I returned to the museum for my proper volunteer training within Dinosphere. What a place to be trained! It goes through a complete twenty-four hours, repeatedly, every thirty minutes. This also involves a sunrise, huge storms and sunsets, within that time. It is an amazing place to be for all ages! I can’t believe I get to volunteer here, it has everything to do with dinosaurs you could ever want to see. Including various dinosaur roars (if dinosaur’s roar?), the various dig sights, the paleontology lab, the dinosaur’s eggs and the paleo art gallery, which appears to be  very popular within the dinosaur community. Well, the people interested in dinosaurs, not the actual dinosaur community as, unless they had some budding artists amongst them, they didn’t get to see any drawings in their day. Although, the T-Rex look like they could handle a paintbrush. I received lots of information and training, including watching a demo about Mary Anning, who I hadn’t realised how important she was in the paleontology world. Or that she is behind the ‘she sells sea shells on the sea shore’ . Made me feel proud to be a Brit. Then, I even got to help in a missing parent drama. We found them but the poor child looked very scared. A bit like me when I saw the cast of the giant Sarcosuchus! It is the size of a city bus! Can you imagine? I think this, and Bruce, will replace my nightmares about Jaws.

I then got on the bus, which is always an experience. It reminds me of the poem ‘Two scavengers in a truck; Two beautiful people in a Mercedes’. I also saw a very romantic gesture from a man at a bus stop in the middle of the city. Don’t worry it was perfectly legal, no flashing or anything like that. He got his partners feet in his hands and rubbed lotion into them because she had obviously been on her feet all day. It made me go a bit soppy I have to admit. However, I had my own ‘date’ to go on. I took Luke to a ‘Protein Power’ cooking class held by  Becky’s Healthy Kitchen, how romantic I know! We were joined by two other members and we were all sat on big stools around the kitchen work table. It as a proper kitchen (Indy Kitchen) that had a huge oven and stove and we were all involved in making a variety of protein rich dishes using tofu, gluten-free products and fish. I particularly liked the fish,photo

which  was a beautiful piece of Tilapia.As well as the sesame toasted tofu cutlets, which me and luke had made in a joint effort  involving  one of us cutting the tofu and the other dipping them in egg and rolling them in black sesame seeds.
The whole evening was a great experience and the other two members were really nice characters, as was Becky and her husband. We have signed up for the next three classes and who knows, maybe it will inspire Luke into the kitchen?? I think a bit of protein persuasion has helped.


After my busy week, I was definitely in need of my Yoga. Especially after seeing lots of evil , roofless Jeeps on the walk to Yoga! There were also lots with the waterproof covers on. I bet they have their roof stored securely in their garage and never put it on the car. If they do put it on then I bet there is quite a few of them and they manage it with ease and certainly no bruises. Not that I am bitter or resentful or anything . Why would I be after my last delightful roofless experience? Never mind, I blanked it all out during a good stretching session followed by a coffee with my teacher and the another Yogite , plus her daughter. I also got a plate of homemade hummus and veg. It was lovely. Al the food, at the Earth House, is made on site (from scratch) with a lot of produce from their garden.It was so nice, and normal, to have coffee with them and get to chat. There is only so much of my own company I can stand before I crave talking to other humans, or objects. I have been known to ‘chat’ to kitchen appliances when they are not behaving themselves.



I returned to the Earth House later for my volunteer training as a Barista. I chose a good night as well as it was the weekly open mic night. There was a great crowd and all the various staff are lovely and welcoming. I love how natural the products are although I did miss the ac a bit as I was boiling! but ceiling fans are much more environmentally friendly. I met a lady from Brighton and a tea sales person who as interesting to chat to. I avoided, just about, interrupting anyones act with the smoothie blender or milk frother so I think it was a success. The acts were all great and even my supervisor bobbed up on stage and played the violin. I happened to mention I used to play it and he suggested we have a violin jam. I told him I am not good enough and he kindly suggested I could screech along. Nope, even screeching would be being too generous about my capabilities with a violin. Plus, I quite liked volunteering there so I don’t want to impair their hearing! I shall stick to making coffees.


My friday morning began with a quick shop. Well, not really quick as I am still over curious about what the supermarkets sell here.  I also met a new friend whilst walking home. A Cockerpoodle called Mrs Sprout, who nearly caused her owner to jaywalk in her eagerness to come and say hello. How nice to be found so interesting that they wanted to break the law to come and say hello to me. Although I don’t know if the jaywalking rule applies to dogs or just humans?


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