Roofs, Jeeps, Zion and Eagles.

On Sunday, in our new Jeep, we decided to conduct a mini road trip. After we had taken the very heavy roof off the car, and left that in our parking space hoping no-one would drive into it!


we picked up Nikhil (Luke’s Fellow Rolls Royce colleague) from his hotel suite and jeeped our way over to Eagle Creek.
Having no roof on was a much nicer, environmentally friendly way of keeping cool in near 100 farenheit than having the AC on. However, it did nothing for my hair and there is a huge risk of receiving a sunburnt scalp at the end of any trip. Yet, it did feel secretly cool, almost preppy, driving along in this Jeep. I bet it wouldn’t have done if it had rained as we have yet to locate our replacement roof cover. It must be somewhere in the Jeep but so far Luke’s endless watching of Jeep YouTube videos for clues have been fruitless.
I bet we find it in the glove box or somewhere equally as obvious.


We arrived in Eagle Creek Park and it was breathtakingly peaceful. I was expecting somewhere like our National Trust Parks but this park was huge! You could drive for ages, and we did, to find the right places to go to. There are various huts, lakes and campsites dotted around. We ended up having a nosy at one huge lake where people were swimming. They have an inflatable slide, which has my name on it, and there were lots of people having BBQ‘s and picnics. It looks like the place everyone goes to for family Sundays during the summer. Now all we need is to see if we can build bonfires on the beach, race the jeep, play really loud music and try to create some waves to see if we can create our own version of an American spring break? Well for one day anyway as the plan is to try to go back next Sunday.


As we had no BBQ’s or supplies we headed to a new place, Zionsville, to have a drink. No not the hill where David built a city on, but a very cute American village. It had a cobbled main street enclosed by independent restaurants and retailers and decorated with an American flag on each old-fashioned

The only problem was that it was Sunday afternoon so it was like a ghost town! Or a film set. I was tempted to go and push on one of the shop walls to see if it fell over because it was really just a cardboard cut out , but why spoil the illusion? We managed to locate Serenity, which was a cute cafe/ restaurant. As it turns out they serve english tea with all the trimmings. However, we did not have any as the restaurant was closed for a private etiquette class. This is apparently very popular for children according to Susie, who was our lovely server. She even rustled up a makeshift version of lemon tea for Nikhil and gave us our drinks for free! I told her I think Luke could benefit from this etiquette class. She just laughed. I think she may have thought I was kidding? I wasn’t. Especially not after nearly breaking my arm trying to get the roof back onto the Jeep, which is no mean feat for a vertically challenged, tired person. Luke’s reassurance that it was fine was particularly grating as the roof fell onto my arm. However, we prevailed because we had no other choice . The roof is now staying firmly on untill there are more people to help, or untill I am not around as I never want to try to put a car roof back onto any car. Unless it is a mini,mini toy one.


Monday was an absolutely soggy, sweltering day which, according to the news, felt like 108 farenheit! I can’t cope with this and the humidity. I firmly wedge myself inside, next to the air con that I hate using, and sewed to distract myself from the heat. Sewing the quilt helped to remind me that it will be cool again and we will need to use it. In fact, in a few month I will be whingeing, no doubt, about the treacherous snow. We are never happy with weather are we? On the bright side, it has given me an excuse to eat ice lollies so that is an added bonus. It has also given me the chance to officially launch my new website, which is very much an ongoing work in progress. I am going to be an expert in hobbies soon. Now all I need is to get good at a few and out them to good use. So far none are looking too promising!


Tuesday forced me to leave the safety of the air con and braved the blast of boiling air which enveloped me as I ventured out of Riley Towers  to begin making my way to the Childrens Museum. I got the right bus, from the right stop this time. I was pleased with myself but it turns out I am useless at paying for a ticket by inserting notes into a machine, whilst the bus is moving in a jerky fashion. Why can’t they be like UK busses where you pay the driver, meaning they can’t set off untill your sat down! My balance is really going to need some work if I am to be going on the bus regularly.

Once I had made it to the museum, without falling, I met up with the other volunteers and we had to fill some forms, have a tour and get a photo. I can’t wait to let the Murrays know that this tour actually involved getting into a freight lift! On purpose! I also got to see what an ‘extreme weather shelter’ looks like. Although I am pretty sure not all of them have museum artifacts tucked away everywhere. Unless it is standard to have a terra-cotta horse in each shelter in Indianapolis? I shall have to investigate but hopefully I will never have the need to direct visitors to the shelter. Ever. Partly because I don’t want to experience severe weather and partly because we were taken through so many hidden doors I don’t think my sense of direction could cope with trying to find the shelter again whilst escorting myself, let alone a group of museum goers.

After the museum I managed to re-materialise myself into a solid person again, instead of a melted one, just in time to head out to Henry’s Cafe to have a meeting. Yes a meeting. Very grown up for someone who still looks like their at school according to the museum volunteer trainers. If anyone wants the name of the anti-ageing cream I use feel free to get in touch! I might even see if the brand will pay me commission!



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