To Be or Not To Be= Not!

I had a bit of a wake up call this week as to my current social situation. With Luke gone for a few days I realised just how alone I was. This is the downside to being a tag along on somebody else’s expatriate trip. It appears that the best way to make friends here is to get a job, which I can’t due to visa reasons. Or to have children as there is a wealth in variety of mothers clubs, which I can’t join as I am currently childless and my mother does not want to be a ‘granny’ yet. That leaves me with narrowed options. I pondered these as I sat on my balcony sewing a new line for my quilt , sunbathing and watching the local Murat Theatre set up for David Gray‘s concert. Yes I was sewing as others were preparing for a bit of revelry. Can you see my predicament?

However, I set off to Fire Yoga the next morning determined to be a social butterfly, and not to be a recluse. Although I looked more like a bumblebee in my stripy yoga ensemble. Still, I persevered and asked to join a fellow yoga-ite’s book club and volunteered my barista skills at the Earth House Collective. I then  took over a bar stroll in the local Starbucks and despaired over my new hobby. Setting up a website. Not good so I won’t discuss it further yet I am agog to see what hobby I will embark on next.However, after a soothing frappacino I relaxed a little and found great interest in people watching as various students, business people and local Hoosier‘s came and retrieved their caffeine fix. I then returned back to a still empty flat but things were looking up. I even found myself amazed, when entering Riley, by a more dumber question than even I would have asked.Granted it was by a young girl, but still, “Do we speak British in Britain?”. Really? That worried me a little bit. I had to bite my tongue before I replied. Remembering the inquirers age.

Friday brought with it a lovely few minutes in the sauna after a workout. I then launched myself on the DVD section of the library. I think they must think I have set up my own blockbusters with the amount of DVDs I have rented but again, that is one of the perks of not working. Luckily, Luke was back that evening so I didn’t just have myself to talk to anymore. We got our first American takeaway from Bazbeaux and watched ‘Gnomeo and Juliet‘. It was very funny film. For a bunch of gnomes they did spectacularly. As did the chefs with our pizzas, they were delicious . Even more so than last time as we got to eat them in true takeaway style by slouching on the sofa with the boxes sprawled out in front of us.

Best part was there was no washing up. Especially as Luke usually offers to wash up at the weekends. Although this is generous of him it is never a good idea. More of a hinderance I find.

On Saturday I took Luke for what I thought would be a treat. To see ‘ The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)’ in a very intimate, jazz club styled theatre.

It was meant to be a comedic, condensed version of all of Shakespeare’s plays. However, and I hate being a nasty critic, it made me want to leave rather than laugh. It just felt a bit disjointed and awkward. The actors were trying,but maybe that was the problem? However, one did do a fantastic British accent and there were bits that were funny .Just not as many as there should have been. I may be being unjust in my critique as I am a big fan of Shakespeare (thanks to an English teacher being my mother), and it takes a lot to make me laugh, but the whole audience didn’t know when to laugh , clap or , possibly, leave. Next time, Luke is choosing what we go to see.

We did manage to salvage our Saturday with a drive (in the new car) to a bustling Broad Ripple and had dinner at the very comfy, yet elegant, Petite Chou. It was lovely to sit outside (in plus 90 farenheit) and have some lovely French food. It felt very summery. I had a vegetarian crepe

and luke had lemon chicken.


It was delicious and we were served by a really friendly, approachable waiter. I always think this makes the meal even better. We stayed untill it was dark

and then drove back to Indy. We went to the Rathskeller to listen to the music and, more importantly, to meet two new Rolls Royce Graduates who have just moved here.

I am so happy that one of them is a girl! I have got used to being the only girl at any Rolls Royce outings. They both seem really lovely and it was nice being able to socialize and listen to the music in the huge beer garden.

We then met a transformer on the way back home and no it wasn’t just an alcohol induced figment of our imaginations.

Lucky for us though it appeared to be sleeping!

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