Si longtemps, Edge. Bienvenue à une idole Américaine. Ous une Clio la maintenant?

Yesterday, Luke disappeared into the unknown and returned not with the edge, may it rest in peace , but with a Jeep!


A proper Jeep you can stand up in and  stick your head out of!


I am so excited it is like the cute version of a  4 by 4. You even have to clip the roof on and off.
As for the beep. It is more like a pipsqueak. Maybe it will lose its appeal for Luke? Heres hoping!

However, instead he has now resorted to watching instruction videos about how to take apart the Jeep, then put it back together again. Well lunch was lovely today and I thought it would be so nice to have Luke back from his trip and to have some company. No such luck as Jeep videos have taken over the conversation at our dining table.Maybe that could be another new hobby for me? Taking the Jeep apart and seeing if Luke has worked out how to put it back together again. I think I want the Clio back!

We took it out for a spin in the afternoon. After taking the roof off, of course. It was amazing being able to look up and see real sky and be able to have your hands sticking out of the gaping hole in the car roof. I really had to resist the urge to either stand up , as the car was going quite fast, or just tell Luke to go off-road and see what the Jeep could really do. We have now planned a wealth of activities for the jeep , including camping, off-roading and cruising down the infamous route 66. We plan to do this in true Jeep style but we are yet to take all the sides off the car, as well as the roof, so it will be just like driving in the roll cage. Luke has gone in search of a screwdriver for that today (who knows when he will be back or what state the car will be in!).


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