Domesticity, Frozen yoghurt and a ride on the bus.

Still feeling a bit raw from the departure of the Murray clan, I decided to distract myself with spring cleaning the flat. Who knew, when I was a messy pre-teen, I would turn into such a domesticated person who doesn’t like mess?! Well, I tend to think that my own mess is organised chaos. Anyone elses is just mess. Once I had finished the flat looked a bit too much  like a show flat. I must really miss those Murrays! I swiftly moved onto my next distraction , which was arranging my quilt squares so that I can begin sewing them together.

An easy task you might think but there are sixteen rows with nineteen individual squares that have to form a horizontal line. The instructions may as well have been in gobbledygook so I had to organise the pattern by copying the tiny picture at the front of the parcel the material came in. Well I did want to be distracted. maybe not for four hours though! However, I did manage to watch Tangled at the same time. I thought  ‘When does my life begin’   was very fitting for the situation I found myself in. It was as if she was singing about my to-do-list!
The next day seemed to bring domesticity to my door once more. I found myself thinking, as I was sat on my balcony sewing patches together whilst talking to and watering my plants, that I should get out more. Yet, secretly, I really enjoyed sewing. It was very calming. Well, apart from the repeated bouts of pain as I accidentally jabbed the needle into my finger. I am also quite proud of the two lines I have done so far (you can follow my quilting exploits on my ‘Growing, Making and Baking’ page but please, don’t all rush at once to request a handmade quilt for yourselves I don’t think I would have any complete fingerprints left!). Even if it did take , roughly, six hours and only time will tell if they stay together. Heres hoping!
With my tan topped up, and having completed a row of patches that appeared to be staying together, I prepared myself for my next adventure. A trip on the bus. I left in plenty of time and managed to find a bus stop. However, it was not the one from google-maps (those evil maps again!!) but, after asking a few people, I was relieved to find out I was in the right place for the Number 38. Even if this was a fluke. I climbed on board the bus and only sat down, on a very rickety seat, after I had a ‘quick’ chat with the driver.  This chat meant that I had been reassured by the driver how to pay; how to use my ticket; could I return on the Number 38; how many stops there were untill my stop; and yes, he would tell me when I had to leave the bus. Although I think he was a little bit to eager to tell me when I had to leave the bus even if he had been very lovely when I bombarded him with questions. I left the bus with one parting question about where I could catch the return bus and then exited to the sound of “God bless” from the driver. Whether this was meant for me , or for himself at becoming free from this English chatterbox, I don’t know.
Now, maybe I should have explained before. I got on the bus to go to the Children’s Museum, and not just for a bit of a trip out and a chance to avoid anything remotely like a domestic chore. I went and had a meeting in Dinosphere and I am allowed to volunteer within that section. Very excited and I can’t say I have ever had a meeting that has been accompanied by roaring T-Rexs, roly poly-ing children and a man in a cowboy hat with a giant claw. Once the meeting was finished I located the bus stop and headed back to town. It was on the return journey I realised that you had to pull on a rope, that went all the way round the bus, to get it to stop. I had wondered where all the bells/ buttons were that we have in England, I had begun to worry I would never be able to get off the bus! I also discovered the stop where I should have gotten on. Oh well, who doesn’t mind walking for an extra fifteen minutes in over 30 degrees? SIlly me and Stupid google maps! It’s official. I am holding a grudge now.
The evening was topped off with a trip to YoguLatte. Heaven. Especially as they had new flavours in. These were Red Velvet, Pistachio, Vanilla Bean and Key Lime. The Red Velvet was seriously good, and fat-free , so it is less of a guilty pleasure than the cupcakes sold next door. However, I think I re-added the fat with the toppings. I just can not seem to resist them  and have to try a bit of everything. Well it is difficult! They have fruit, crushed up Grahams (cereal, not men), crushed up peanut butter cups, chocolate espresso beans, chocolate chips, biscuits, gummy bears and M & M’s! Although, I was pleased it was cheaper than last time because they use the weight to determine the price. However, I began to notice everyone else’s was a lot cheaper. I think I have found a place, in America, where I feel like the edacious one. Especially when two people came in ,mid-way  through their run, and got a miniscule amount before running off. Luke told me not to worry and informed me that there was someone who had got one about twenty-five cents more than mine. Eagerly, I looked to see who the culprit was. As it turned out it was a pot of yoghurt for the couple at the till. Who were sharing. Yup, I was still the Hog of the night at YoguLatte.

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