The end of the road for the Murray clan.

We began to wind down the Murray clan’s last few days in Indianapolis in superb fashion. This wind down started off with a little trip to Nashville. Indiana, not Tennessee as that would not have been a little trip at all. It is, what I would consider, quintessentially old American in the sense that it has all the beautifully different ‘manor’ buildings and Inns. There was even an old-fashioned general store,  as well as lots of cute shops selling everything you could possible need. Plus a lot more things that you don’t, but you just have to have. Like yet another smelly ‘banana nut bread’ candle or some popcorn just because it is a quirky flavour.

Although, I resisted buying the popcorn for dogs.
I think I have, nearly, seen it all now. Even the shop keeper agreed with me that she would never feed it to her dog when I was explaining this isn’t how it is done in the British doggie world. They are given a bone and they are happy. None of this cupcake, popcorn and doggie snickerdoodle malarkey. If the British dogs knew how they were being spoiled over here they would all retreat to the corner of their baskets/ cages and sulk untill they got an array of treats as well. Luckily for us they cannot read. Yet after seeing the alarming advert where the cats suddenly gain thumbs, I think it is just a matter of time.

Before we had ventured into the shops, we had the most tasty lunch in the very atmospheric Artists Inn.

I fell in love (sorry Luke) with just a few slices of Pumpkin bread, that was all it took. Wheat bread (aka brown) will never be the same. It was like a fruity, sweet bread that went perfectly with my salad. As I was savouring every delicious crumb Luke was busy trying to tackle his ‘Lucie Pot Pie’ (oh the irony) and trying to decide how best to start on the chicken shaped pastry crust.
The rest of the Murray clan had an equally luscious lunch with a Turkey sandwich smothered in white gravy, a meatloaf and a pork sandwich. This set us up perfectly with the energy needed to tackle the shops. As well as for the journey back through the stunning forest-covered hills. Although, I discovered a yoga centre in Nashville and very nearly stayed for a meditation session. However, I didn’t fancy the three-day walk back to Riley towers.

Instead, We did pop into Best Buys on the way back where, very embarrassingly, I just happened to manage to set of the alarm on an E-Book . This was whilst  I was trying to twist it around to show Kay, and not to steal it. The result was a very red face, many apologies and many teasing comments from the men in the blue t-shirts. I don’t think I will be going back in a hurry! We then packed Kay and Daniel off to Walmart to complete there ‘real American tour’ and Luke and I did a mad dash around Kroger for our weekly shop. It was like a version of supermarket sweep although we had to pay for all of our shopping. This payment proved to be a bit more difficult than we first thought as the self-service checkout began to shout at us in Spanish. Oh dear. Well at least it made the lady behind laugh as she saw our perplexed expressions. It reminded me of the bit in Toy Story 3 when Buzz goes into Spanish mode. Except the checkout couldn’t do the tango, we couldn’t find the re-set button and it wasn’t as nearly as funny.

After a lovely meal of steak and potatoes on the Murray’s last night, which was accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine and flowers that the Murray clan brought me, we watched Despicable Me.

This gave Luke chance to re-connect with his friends, the minions, and gave everyone else a chance to relax. However, the meal should have been followed by goodbye goodies in the form of cupcakes from the Flying Cupcake Bakery but, alas, it wasn’t to be. My idea for this failed as we walked up to the bakery’s striped door, only to discover there was a  sign attached to it stating it was closed but would be open tomorrow. This would just happen to be when the Murrays will be on a plane to NYC. I think my taste buds actually gave a little sob when we saw this sign. Oh well, it just means the Murrays will have to come back to Indy now.

Luke worked from home this morning in order to take the Murray clan to the airport. Once we had a coffee and a snickerdoodle       (the kind meant for human consumption I hope!), which Kay had kindly brought, we said our goodbyes and I headed off to the library. I was on my own again as I joined the eager crowd waiting for the church to strike ten so that we could all enter the building. I feel somewhat bereft without the Murray clan here. Nevertheless, I picked myself up and organised a mountain of material squares ready to attempt quilt making tomorrow. I then cheered myself up by wheeling my old true friend , the smart cart, to the recycling bins and picking up an Italian sandwich for Luke from Fresco. It is true that it really is just the simple things in life. Or I am just simple. Either way, I didn’t feel as bereft when I had the smart cart in my hand. Gently wheeling along behind me in a companionable sort of way .


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