A variety of escapades with the Murrays.

In terms of the weather, it was another disappointing start to Friday morning. Yet, even the rain did not stop me. I managed to nip to the library and the supermarket, with my Smart Cart, before meeting the Murray clan. I think the supermarket is beginning to accept me and my Smart Cart. I even had a nice chat with the checkout lady about waffles. However, I was slightly confused about why the chicken I had just bought was stating that it was an ‘all vegetarian’ product. Really? How puzzling.

Once Kay had explained that the label on the chicken might be referring to the chickens diet, and not that they are suitable for vegetarians, we all got a taxi to the Indianapolis State Museum. We had a lovely lunch in the museum. Kay and Daniel even had a bit of banter bout the chips / crisps dilemma with the server (you have to be very careful when ordering as you never know which one you will end up with!). Then we were off exploring the museum. This exploration got off to a bumpy start as Scott had us waiting outside the biggest lift I had ever seen. Daniel said it was probably due to all the schoolkids that visit the museum.


However, we began to suspect differently when it opened and there were lots of boxes inside.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a lift for people. It was, in fact, the museum’s freight lift. So after nearly ending up who knows where  we had to ask a museum worker, who was a ‘sweet’ looking older lady suppressing giggles at our antics, how we could get upstairs, we found our way to the correct lift. The one that was actually meant for humans. Although, I’m not sure we would pass the intelligence test to classify ourselves as humans after that error.

The museum is fascinating with lots of artifacts and trinkets. We had to drag Kay away from the one man band displays and its various horns before we were evicted due to the noises it was emitting.

Apparently they were very popular in Indiana, especially when they played ‘I Like bananas because they have no bones‘ and ‘From the Indies to the Andies in my undies‘ . I felt like I learnt a lot from the museum.  Daniel and I even found out that, when put together, we weigh the same as a Tapir . Well you do learn something new, and often pointless, everyday. As well as this, there are lots of vintage posters; Indy through the ages; pre-historic displays and a great gift shop.  All this learning about how mankind has developed and progressed still ddi not prevent another incident with a different lift occurring a bit later on. This time Daniel was to blame. He led us into a lift and instead of going up he opened the opposite door, which would have been great if we wanted to use the lift as a walk through.

After a quick drink, Luke picked us up. I picked up my parcel full of Luna goodies

We then went off to the Hard Rock Cafe as it was Daniel’s 21st (so he is officially allowed to drink). After a lovely meal we went to the bar where we had tried  to eat before, but the had no fryer. Luckily we had already eaten but it was a lovely way to toast  Daniel’s birthday.
The next day the good food continued with a pancake and fruit extravaganza for breakfast, which was hosted in our flat. We then ventured to the Indianapolis Zoo, which turned out to be a very good way to spend an afternoon. We saw Meerkats, Elephants, Tigers and Bats.
We legged it through the snake enclosures (Luke was uneasy), grabbed a salty pretzel and then  hopped on to what we thought was a nice gentle, children’s rollercoaster. Turns out it wasn’t that gentle and actually went very fast down some of the slopes. Enough to have all the adults screaming anyway, well mainly me, yet the kids were a bit braver. One even had their arms up in the air! Untill I told him (Luke) to put them down.

We then got a taxi from Riley to go and watch the Indy Indians play the Pawtucket Red Sox. This was after we had seen the weirdest  sight so far when it comes to Indianapolis’ dog community. This was in the form of ‘Barney’s Wagon’.

This was transporting a cute , slightly tubby,pit bull. It was being taken out for a ‘walk’ by its owners, with another puppy, on a modified trolley! I think this could top the Dog Bakery from the other day. Almost.

Our friendly yellow taxi arrived and we got dropped off at Victory Field dressed. We were all in an assortment of baseball t-shirts and carrying various baseball paraphernalia. As well as an inflatable, gladiator style hand.



The Murrays got a hotdog, fries and drink and we sat on the green for a bit. This was where I got given a baseball from the National Guard. After the free baseballs and food we went into the main stadium. We had great seats behind the home base so we got to see everything. This included beer sellers, flying cheese landing all over another spectator and amusing dancing inflatable things that came out during each break.
One even ate one of the players after chasing him around the pitch. They then de-clothed him and spat him out in his love-heart boxers!
I think this was my favourite part!
The Indians won and we enjoyed it so much that is where we have decided to celebrate ‘anti-British day’.
We then walked home, after participating in mass jaywalking shenanigans with all of the other baseball fans. This included a highly illegal manoeuver,  as the lady behind me pointed out, by walking diagonally across a large intersection. However, we were in a group and we were not going to let anyone stop us. Although, I have to admit, it did help that we were guided across the road by law enforcement . It still felt rebellious though. In a ‘lively, friendly , mass crowd going against the norm’ sort of way. 

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