The Murray’s adventure continues.

I have to admit, the early morning start wasn’t the best thing ever. Indianapolis looked the same as it does an hour later, except maybe a little darker. The only positive thing was that I was able to be very productive before the gym. Well, I got all the housework done. I am a little bit worried I have settled into domesticity a bit too easily! I should just go with it and  join the American Women’s Institute. However,  my productivity levels may be more down to the vat of coffee I managed to consume after getting up so early. The ease with which my coffee machine can make vast amounts of this black liquid is its only fault. This incessant caffeine fix carried on when I took the Murrays to the farmers market and the first stop was at the Java stall. It had to be done.

We found a table and drank our hand sieved coffees and then ventured into the market. Kay and myself had a bit of a look before coffees but we dragged the boys around the next time. It was a lot more bustling than last time and I think the Murrays enjoyed themselves. When we stopped for lunch I swooped on a very heavyweight, grown up version of the apple crumble/ pie delicacy that I had previously brought for luke.  I also collected up some strawberries and we got some blueberries on our way back home.  Alas, there was none of my magic purple asparagus to be seen, I fear it is the end of season for these lovely vegetable sticks. However, Kay and myself did get to try some hickory syrup. Kay liked it, but I thought it tasted a bit like a medicated version of maple syrup. I’m sure it could have a use. Although I’m not sure for what exactly.

After the excitement of the farmers market I had to have a nap , it was just too much for me. So not only am I becoming far too domesticated and I am an owner of a smart cart. I have also taken to needing afternoon naps. It’s not looking good for me so far and I still have a long time to go. Who knows what state I shall be in by the time I return? Yet, once I had taken a nap I got to take the Murrays , and the smart cart, for a walk to Marsh’s to get some more drinks. It was much easier to take my cart round the shop surrounded by a mini group. They added protection from any stares. It did me proud and Daniel got all the drinks back to Riley safely, with no broken bags or backs (see,it is smart!). We then had a lovely dinner followed by a film, courtesy of the library.

The extra hours sleep on Thursday morning really helped. I never thought I would be pleased to set my alarm for 5 am but every extra hour of sleep is a good thing. Fire yoga also helped spur on this relaxing theme to the day. Although, I did feel a bit guilty being guided through a safe, warm place during meditation whilst knowing Kay had turned into a washerwoman for the morning. However, I made it back to the flat and we ventured out onto Mass Ave in search of trinkets and food.

Trinkets turned out to be the easy part. Food was a bit more difficult. I got mixed up with pubs and we ended up with one that had no grill or fryer. Not good for our burger fan. Yet, I think disaster was averted and I made up for my error (hopefully) by directing us towards Macnivens Bar. This proved to be a good move, especially for the Scottish half of the Murrays, as we all got to have a fantastic meal including Neeps and Tatties. Don’t worry , we hadn’t abandon Indianapolis for Scotland. We were in Indianapolis’ Scottish bar, which even had speciality items. These Scottish speciality items were none other than Hoola Hoops and Irn-Bru. Really? These are official Scottish specialities? As Daniel pointed out, a deep-fried mars bar may have been more appropriate . Or the introduction of kilts for the waiters but that may be taking it a bit too far. It might get a bit messy later on in the evenings, when the alcohol is pouring more freely.

We completed our exploration of Mass Ave in the gifty-type shops. They were fabulous and I definitely have to spend at least an afternoon in each of them. So that is next week sorted! I also managed to get Daniel a birthday present for tomorrow, which was a funny photography book by Terry Border. We then got to explore the Dog Bakery although I felt a bit of a fraud as it was more to wander around in amazement and, admittedly, in amused disbelief at the products people actually buy their dogs. Including a doggie rucksack for the actual dog to wear, not to go into. I mean, really? What has a dog got to carry around with them apart from a collection of sticks, bones and maybe their favourite squeaky toy.  Next there will be doggie sunglasses, doggie IPad cases and  doggie handbags (please don’t tell me they have these already!). Additionally , there were t-shirts, cookies and cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes for dogs and they actually looked very nice. This could provide me with a wealth of opportunity for my baking. Sometimes the cupcakes I make aren’t always especially edible for humans. However, for dogs? they could be perfect! I can see it now: ‘Lulu’s Woofery’


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