Stormy beginnings for the Murray clan

Well, I have to be honest, the first full day with the Murrays didn’t go exactly to plan. I realised this as I was woken up at 2 am by booming thunder. The kind that makes you bolt upright. I jumped out of bed and I dashed around closing the windows and, as the lightning began to strike, I conducted a brave rescue mission to save my vegetables. Luckily, they were within arms reach on the balcony and with the plants saved I went back to bed. However, the storm remained very active. For the rest of the night and the whole of the following morning. I was hoping that the other Murrays were ok  (I knew one was ok and he was happily sleeping through my dramatic plant rescue) and that the tornado alert didn’t go off and scare them. On the bright side, the storms are fantastic here . When you are fully awake and hadn’t planed to spend the day by the pool.

Once we spotted an opportunity to head into town we grabbed it and were escorted there by an interesting taxi driver. He was very happy in the front gibbering away to himself and occasionally asking us questions. We clambered out of the taxi and did a quick walk around Monument circle then hit the mall. Before we could do any serious damage we needed to refuel so we went to the food court. With an array of food including sushi, burgers and subway sandwich, we tucked into lunch. Afterwards we had a wander around the shops and there appears to be a secret shopaholic in our midst. The reward goes to Mr Scott Murray, who did very well out of the shopping trip and outdid the rest of us with, not only a snazzy jacket, but a pair of shoes as well!

We ambled back and were glued to the live footage of a current murder case, yes they do that here. It is, prehaps, morally wrong, yet you can’t help watching. Once Luke had returned from work we grabbed some supplies from the shop and had a lovely chicken and vegetable based diner. After a few drinks more we all retreated to bed and hoped there wouldn’t be another storm as todays plan to stay by the pool had, somewhat, gone awry

This morning, so far, is a fantastic day! I saw Luke off and descended on the rest of the Murrays quite a few hours later to disturb their peace (it would be cruel to wake them up at 5 am after all) .I’m glad they all looked very cozy and settled in. I think I shall have to take tips from Kay (Mrs Murray) about how to do breakfast in bed for yourself. Just pop the toaster by your bed. Genius. I invited them to come and visit the library with me. This is a nice invite, honest, as the library is fantastic. I am pleased to report that they loved it as much as I did. I hope.

We got lost, on purpose, in the travel section and then I showed them all the interesting seating arrangements. We almost left Kay watching a story in one of the eggs but  once we were all ready we left the library , with our books in tow. At least Kay was able to get a few travel books on Indiana out. She was worried that I wouldn’t have enough space on my loan limit but I assured here I did. You are allowed to take around 50 items out at anyone time. That is  a lot of books. Possibly enough to set up a mini-bookshop?

We then wandered through various parks / garden areas with war memorials and fountains in. We were on a hunt to find Daniel (brother Murray) a burger. It turned out that  even though there are zillions of Macdonald places when you are driving, not so much when you are in town on foot. We went to the mall again but were impeded by a mass of christian convention people. This was too much so we hastily went outside and continued our search. We eventually went to Arbys, where Daniel had chicken pieces. Not quite the burger but at least we found somewhere. Daniel has the same tendency I have , which is to go tetchy if we haven’t been fed.

I then popped into supermarket to get supplies for tonight’s meal and was involved in somebody’s training session. This was fine untill the trainer informed the man he should say ‘Cheers’ to me instead of ‘Have a nice day’ as that is what the people form the United Kingdom do. Granted, we do a bit but  this is usually when we have alcohol in hand and I, unfortunately,  definitely didn’t. I would have thought a simple bye or thank you is more common? I resisted saying ‘Cheers’ , as I left, on principal.

We then ventured to the Indy Indians ground , once Luke arrived home. Here we brought our tickets for the night baseball match on Saturday . Very excited! We even brought shirts and a foam hand for Scott , although I think Luke may kidnap it. We made it home after we had been directed by a policeman in a brown uniform with knee-high , black ,patent boots. This policeman was not only wearing this uniform but he was directing us by waving his hands above his head in an almost Y or C movement. Remind you of anyone? It had Kay and myself in hysterics.

We got home and cooked three maple syrup pork chops, a plain chop and a chicken.I just hope there are no storms again. There was the beginnings of one during dinner and our balcony became a bit of a wind tunnel.  This caused a bit of concern when Daniel ventured out onto it. However, with no storm occurring, and after a lovely meal, we all went to bed early as Luke has a new wake up time tomorrow. Four Am. Yey. Can’t wait to be able to see Indianapolis an hour earlier. I don’t think I can contain my excitement.

Our next flat is going to have a pre-requisite ; a second bedroom.


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