Dinosours and the arrival of the Murray clan.

Well , after a bit of a wobbler with Luke , I had a lovely weekend. The wobbler was diffused by me leaving a note requesting him to ‘sleep on the coach’. Nothing quite dispels an argument like a spelling mistake. My weekend started off with a comfortable taxi ride in a yellow taxi, which is the colour I had previously asked the operator if it would be. I think she may have thought I was dim as the taxi company is called ‘Indianapolis Yellow Cab services’. Duh! Still, I located my taxi (yellow of course) and headed to The Childrens Museum. I was greeted by two huge dinosaurs trying to get into the building but luckily they were of the herbivore variety, and models.

Before I went for an interview I was further amazed by Bumblebee, the transformer. The interview went well, I think, and I have asked to volunteer in a few sections. I really want to work in Dinosphere. It is incredible and like being on the set of Jurassic Park! There is even on on site archeologist in a specially built laboratory. Conversely, I have specifically asked to stay away from any mummy or egyptian curses. I blame ‘The Mummy’ for this. Similarly, ‘Jaws’ has a lot to answer for. As does my cousin, Damien, who showed it at a family party when I was far too impressionable. I had visions of Jaws, miraculously, swimming through my window for weeks after.

I sneaked Luke into the museum to have an explore. We then went to the library after I was dissuaded  by Luke not to go on a variety of things, including the carousel and a mock tree house. These trips to the library are becoming a recurring theme for me but Luke had not been yet. He loved it and I found even more reasons to live there! They have those huge egg-shaped seats dotted all over the library; they have nests for people to read at; there are sun-loungers with bean bags attached; they have audio pods to listen to stories and you can even have weddings here. Amazing! Then, once Luke had eggstracted me from the ‘egg’ seat (had to be done!) as I didn’t want to leave, we journeyed to a fashion outlet mall. This proved to be very worthwhile and a few purchases later we decided we had better get some drinks and nibbles for when the rest of the Murray clan arrived.

It took Luke a while to work out where to go on the sat nav and we ended up parking in a very dodgy looking supermarket. Well Luke said it was dodgy because all the cars had chrome spoilers on them (no idea) and it was in the wrong district, bearing in mind it was 11:30 pm. I was a little bit put out by his other reasoning when he informed me he valued his own life. Pause –  arched eyebrows and a cough from me. Then a quick statement  that of course he valued mine as well. I think I may have to work on the ordering of this! We decided to re-locate to another supermarket. We then whizzed up and down the aisles at breakneck speed picking up various bits. This including a prized bottle of Bicardi, Suny D and beer for Kay, Daniel and Scott. Finally we got back to Riley towers, gatecrashed a wedding party moving into a flat, preformed a manic tidy up and went to bed.

It was all systems go on Sunday as we counted down the hours untill we were joined by the rest of the Murrays. Well, that was after we had our pancakes, maple syrup and fruit brunch of course!.

Whilst Luke went to pick them up from the airport I was wheeling my smart cart up and down between twenty floors as our guests our staying 20 floors directly below us. They are staying in Riley’s very own guest suite. My cart finally got the admiration I have always known it deserves when, as I wheeled it into the lift, a gentleman in the lift exclaimed “My, that really is smart. I may have to get one myself”. Resulting in the Hallelujah chorus going off in my head. I think I shall attempt to convert everyone in Riley Towers.

The clan arrived and it was brilliant to see them all, even Luke. We got them settled in and then decided to venture  out for a new bed for Daniel as the trundle one didn’t quite live up to expectations. We managed to locate Dicks, after Luke went off a few wrong exits, and got a blow up queen bed. Which the boys sorted and then proceeded to jump on. Typical!. Once I had got them to make the bed (Landau Forte appears to have given me a new skill for ordering people about!) we went off to Broad Ripple for dinner.

We went to the Flatwater restaurant and snagged a table on the terrace at the back overlooking the canal It was perfect and a lovely way to toast the first day of the holiday. Well all of us except Daniel , who will have to wait untill Friday before he is allowed to drink in ‘over 21’ places. I felt a little bit mean but it is amazing how wine can help soothe the conscience. The food was gorgeous. We choose a variety of meals from ribs, pork sandwiches, chicken to burgers.

It was all topped off with a live band playing old classics with a twist. It was a glorious evening, lovely atmosphere and so nice to be joined by family. We then had a quick drink back at our flat before the clan retreated 20 floors below. At least they are in the same tower 🙂

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