Meditation, Puppets and Ninja window-men.

I can not think of a better way to start a Thursday morning than by going to the gym and strolling along to Yoga with Ms Agni. It is fantastic and so relaxing. Althogh, rather embarrasingly, I almost fell asleep. It was either a snooze or I have finally discovered a path to true meditation. I got home completely relaxed and decided to sunbathe. This was mildly interrupted by a return of the abseiling window washers so I retreated inside for a bit.

The day was topped off by a trip to the Phoenix Theatre to watch Avenue Q. The theatre was lovely and packed. It also sold homemade cakes as snacks, which was a very homely touch. We had a quick intro from a very, very  theatrical director and a warning that if your phone went off everyone in the audience would stand and point towards the source of the noise. I decided to take my battery out to be on the safe side. Then the show started. It was the funniest, and rudest, musical I have ever been to. The script is full of scandalous topics and an unusual sex scene. I think the main reason it can get away with this is because it is acted out through puppets. Although, I don’t remember Sesame Street being quite like that.

Nonetheless it was incredibly funny and astute. One particular quote I liked was  “If you re-arrange the words in unemployment it would spell opportunity”. A puzzled silence from the audience ensued whilst everyone tried to work it out. There was a collective ‘Ah!’ when we all realised it wasn’t correct. Then a song began and it proved to be very apt for my current situation. All of the characters were very entertaining but my favourite characters were the Bad Ideas Bear. Think cute care bears that have an inclination towards evil. Hysterical! I was then transfixed, on the way home, by what seemed to be random LED lights springing up all over  peoples lawns. I was thinking what a clever, pretty idea. This was untill Luke let me in on a little secret. They are what we call. Fireflys.

Friday turned out to be just sa successful, after a brief mini-drama. The saga began when I thought I could hear voices outside the window and was puzzled at first, naturally, due to my windows being on the 22nd floor. I thought, no! surely not? It is impossible for anyone to be outside my window! unless it was a genetically modified sibling of the BFG. To my utter amasement, I saw a rope swing by the window. I thought to myself that it was payback for not reporting the men I saw climbing down the window. I was wondering if I should make a dash for it.



However, the rope shifted and curiosity got the better of me. I went to have a peek out of the window (I wasn’t brave enough to venture onto the balcony) and was startled be a sudden movement. This was quickly followed by a whooping man, who obviously thinks he is Tarzan, with a window wiper and a sucker instrument. It turns out they are window-men and they had returned, with a vengeance, down the side of my building. All I can say  is thank goodness my blinds were all closed , and that I was aware they were there. I bet they have taken some people by surprise! You don’t really expect someone to be cleaning your windows past the second floor. Luckily, I am always very careful and check my surroundings regularly ever since an incident involving a man up a banana tree.

After escaping Riley Towers , using the lifts and not by abseiling, even though it looked fun. I just couldn’t guarantee the ropes were still attached at the top (also, i’m not sure my insurance would stretch that far). I popped to the library and it is a place where I can see myself spending lots more time in.

With my precious books in tow I moseyed on down to Starbucks and sat outside for the morning. I was worried I would not be able to do this as there were weather warnings but Haha no storm! Take that Mr Weatherman.

There was still no storm in sight so I nipped into the local supermarket for some supplies and got chatting to a man in a hat, Chef Wendell . It was refreshing to chat to someone like him and be able to discuss worries about what is added to American food. He was a fascinating man and I am pleased to find out he is actually who he says he is. Although I am glad I am retaining my true British cynicism.I was a bit dubious, especially when I saw him tell the deli man he was going to be a serial killer tomorrow. I thought I must have heard wrong. However, don’t panic mum, he was holding a variety pack of cereal in his hand and explained that on his T.V slot tomorrow he was going to be a ‘Cereal Killer’ (now I get it) and highlight how much additives are in these boxes.
I then made it home, after avoiding a few falling trees.



  1. I loved this. It cheered me up a lot. Year 9 were great this afternoon. We’ve been working on creative writing and they produced some fantastic ideas. No where near as fantastic as your blog. Miss you with them.

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