I am slowly recovering after the humongous trip to Montreal. It was definitely worth it and I would love to be able to go back there again but only if it is a direct flight!.On tuesday we were back in to the routine of getting up at five and Luke went to work while I went to the gym. It was then off to the soup kitchen and I am now firmly in the middle serving what looked like runny stuffing? The darker one didn’t smell very appealing but the white one did, a bit like bread sauce I guess. I was also informed by a volunteer that I would be here to celebrate July 4th, which I am very much looking forward to. He then put a bit of a dampener on it by reminding me that July 4th is America’s anti-british day. I couldn’t tell if there was any malice behind this comment so I switched to talking about how England don’t have the pre-packed ham salad the U.S has (it looks like a pink coleslaw). I thought that would be a safer topic.

I then ventured to, possibly, the biggest library I have ever been into. I had to use a map, not that they ever do me much good, but it was a lovely building to get lost in for a few hours.  I am now a proud member of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library.It also has stunning views from the top floor of the whole city. Including Riley Towers, and it was here I discovered how they clean our windows. I was astounded as I watched four people clean them, whilst abseiling down the  same side of the building. Either that or they were staging a mass break in. Maybe I should check with reception just in case.

The library really is a delight.You could live in there! They have outdoor bits, videos and animal shows, which I found out when they announced you could come and touch a live rat in the learning curve zone. I passed.There is also a lovely cafe and lots of different nooks and crannies. Randomly, there was also a large group of doctors congregated near the front desks when I entered and a large group of chefs when I left. So, in theory, you really do have everything you need there to live a comfortable life. Yet, it did get a bit uncomfortable when I set of the alarms, until they heard my accent. Turns out the security guard is off to London next week so I was in her good books. No pun intended.

After the other night, I am not so sure Luke has fully recovered from the trip as he found great amusement in putting the contents of the huge jar of gherkins down the sink. Don’t worry he wasn’t being stupid and getting the sink confused for the bin. We have a wastage disposal unit built into our sink! It sounds like some sort of animal and it apparently loves gherkins! Now I know why Bill Bryson devoted a whole chapter to it, it is amazing. Although I may have to start hiding various items from Luke in case he tries to see if they can go down the sink as well. I have already seen him eyeing the large plant in the bedroom.

I have just been lazy today although that is not entirely my fault. After the gym, I was all dressed up and ready to go for my planned morning at Starbucks (exciting stuff). Well, I had put proper clothes on. You know the sort that you wouldn’t mind too much if you were seen in public in them. Then lightning struck. The real kind, not a creative  or intelligent bolt. I saw my much looked forward to plan get washed away in a storm that hit this morning. In the end, I had to revert to creating a mock Starbucks environment. I even put honey in my coffee, though it wasn’t quite up to scratch compared to hazelnut syrup I have to admit. Still, needs must.

One good thing did come out of my self-imposed reclusiveness. I wrote another ‘travel piece’ for the Indy Star. I have ut this in inverted commas as I can’t take myself too seriously. After all, it is open to all members of the community. Yet, hopefully someone will be inspired to go to Montreal. Maybe not quite how I journeyed there though.

I did manage to get out later on and make a trip to Yogulatte (I’m going to have to make sure I only go once a week!). We were then going to go to the cinema but we just too tired so went to bed. Keeping  in mind it wasn’t even eight pm yet. I don’t think we have fully caught up yet. More recovery needed.


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