Homeward bound

Yet another early start , but I am finding I am adjusting to waking up at five am now. It is still a bit painful though! We left the other boys as we arrived, trying not to wake them up but failing miserably, and began our long journey back to NYC. By the time we got to customs it was glorious sunshine, typical. Yet , even the glorious sunshine could not help Luke remember where he had put the departure card. I wouldn’t mind but he had put mine with his card aswell. Resulting in an extended trip to the actual customs building where Luke miraculously remembered where they were so we were allowed to go. Even if the customs officers had asked us if we were travelling with our parents. I am beginning to get a complex about how old I look. Still, we were saved an interrogation and we entered the USA to begin our homeward-bound journey.

After escaping customs we then had a New York State Police officer to deal with because, you’ve guessed it, we were pulled off. This was completely justified as Luke had been , shamefully, speeding. We both remembered the advice to keep your hands on the dashboard/ steering wheel and not to move as we didn’t want to be shot and then Luke was very apologetic. The Policeman was lovely, even if he did give Luke a ticket , and then he let us get going on our way to the airport. It was a lovely drive and this time we got to see the Manhattan skyline in the daytime

and, possibly, drive a little bit too close to it.

However, due to the mornings incidents, we did not stop for lunch there as we didn’t want to miss our flight. Knowing our luck on this trip  this was a  fairly distinct possibility.

If only the airport staff had been as conscientious as the Policeman. The queue was huge due to computer failures and we had to wait for nearly an hour just to get our boarding pass. What was worse was that I spotted some unattended baggage. I informed the desk and they proceeded to do nothing. At one point Luke wanted to leave the queue and other people were getting concerned. They then finally looked like they might be doing something but the idiot who had left his suitcases there came back. Not impressed! To de-stress we had a lovely lunch looking over the runway, to make up for the drama and not going into Manhattan, and there wasn’t an unattended suitcase in sight. Except for the bag Luke left on the floor for an unsuspecting waiter to promptly trip over.

We also got some bits for the plane and I was looking for a bottle of water  which I thought I would need on the plane. I could not fly without one. However , it was as I was on my water bottle mission that the plane had  boarded, unbeknown to me. I arrived back with Luke rushing towards me and, apparently, they had announced my name over the speakers but I hadn’t heard this little chestnut. I bashfully boarded the plane and , mercifully, there were no delays (except for me). We arrived safely back in Indianapolis with my water bottle, which was very much still full.


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