Go! Rain! Stop! Go again!

Whilst the boys struggled to get up, due to the effects of one too many beverages, I got ready for the F1 race. I was actually very happy (excited is too strong) to be going. We filled up at Tim Hortons with coffee and a various assortment of things between ourselves that amounted to a passable breakfast. We then joined the hordes of people heading for the race track. I was a bit worried I may get separated or lost but I needn’t have worried as Alex and Richard were there to guide the way.

It was a lovely atmosphere, even if there was a bit of drizzle. The boy’s flags meant we got to have a bit of banter with fellow race-goers on the way to where we were standing.

We found a perfect spot to see the cars go zooming past.

Although I wish we had the idea to bring lifeguard chairs like another group of people! However,  it was almost necessary to put lifeguards in those chairs as the clouds burst open in spectacular fashion around the tenth lap and lots of rivets of water began to form. Brilliant, especially as we were all wearing open toe shoes, shorts and not very warm tops.I am not sure what is worse; Torrential rain at the F1 or the intense heat at the Indy 500?. Either way, after many safety cars, I found myself sheltering underneath something once more but at least it wasn’t the bleachers again.  We decided to move out of the open, finally, after being huddled around one umbrella. The race had been suspended with the drivers sat in their cars protected by umbrellas, and one even had  gazebos! The boys got some food, including a popular dish called Poutine, and we decided to try to wait it out.

I was very tempted to follow the crowds that were leaving but I am very glad I didn’t. It was announced it would be restarting so I grabbed a few more samples of Canada Dry , which would be my godmothers ideal drink, and went back to a drier version of where we were stood before. I now feel immensely sorry for all those that left as even I found I was enthralled by Jenson’s racing.We then got a lot more banter on the way back due to the boy’s flags and we were even congratulated. I am not quite sure for what but we carried on and struggled to avoid the pools that had formed during the downpour. At one point, we had to walk along a bridges railings. I was doing so well at keeping my balance until the man behind stood on my shoe, removing it. It went underneath the railings and perilously close to the edge. Even though it was ruined  from the rain I didn’t fancy walking home in one shoe! The man courageously got it back for me and apologised profusely. Oh he would have been sorry, very sorry, if it had fallen over the side. It would have meant that he would have had to go and fetch it from the mini ravine below!

The perfect day, for the boys anyway as mine would have involved being indoors when it was raining, was topped off with a lovely long meal followed by a late night Starbucks. The restaurant was a lovely place to spend our last night in and was a bit more livelier place than the french restaurant. So much so that they brewed their own beer on site, you could help yourself to a bag of monkey nuts and they cheered every time someone ordered a huge rack of beer. Commoner!


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