Eat , Pray, Serve.

I know it was the Original Farmers Market yesterday, but I just couldn’t face walking to the market in the heat as I was going to be walking in later to meet Luke. I am not just talking about mild heat. You go outside and the back of your hair is wet within five minutes. Not nice and not good for controlling the frizz monster. Therefore, I made an executive decision to brave Riley Tower’s swimming pool for the first time. It was definitely worth the risk, even if I had to get a gardener to let me in as I couldn’t work the lock. I was unperturbed by this initial problem and got ready to do my lengths. It was very refreshing and peaceful. Well, apart from the men walking around with lawn/ leaf machines every five minutes but at least I knew that if I started drowning (a little extreme I know) I would have people to save me.


After receiving about a years supply of UV rays, in the space of a couple of hours, I retreated inside. I then ventured into town to meet Luke , as he needed to go shopping. I met up with him at a very classic, old-fashioned barbers. I half expected them to all suddenly start singing! It was a lovely place and so nice to have air conditioning!Courtesy of old style ceiling fans. I was almost at puddle point by the time I had made it there. With Luke’s swanky new hair cut, we hit the Circle Mall and he picked up a few things for Montreal. I refrained from purchasing anything as it doesn’t feel right when I don’t have a job. However, I didn’t refrain from the offer of being taken out for pizza!


We went to a really cute place called Bazbeaux , and it was the first pizza restaurant I have been into that only serves pizza! You could also choose which sort of crust you wanted. We sat in a booth and I had a cheese-free veggie pizza on a thin wheat crust.

It was truly delightful. Whats even better? I get to have it again tonight as we had to take some home with us and ours was the smallest size!. The smell emanating from the precious cardboard box is almost as nice as the pizza tastes! Just imagine how many meals it could have provided if I had ordered the sixteen inch pizza! The mind, and probably the stomach, boggles. There was one huge benefit of just having the smaller pizza though; Yougulatte.
Yogulatte is possibly the best place to go if you want to feel like you are on a mini night out but don’t want to drink. Instead, it is full of people getting rounds of frozen yoghurt. It definitely has the cool factor. You choose a cup (think large, large cup) and then you just have to decide what variety of flavours you want ranging from peanut butter (sweet lord) , cheesecake, vanilla bean and natural, to name but a few. Then, if that wasn’t enough choice, you get to decorate it with an array of glorious toppings. Think of a topping that you would love to have on frozen yoghurt and they had it. They had scrunched up chocolate bars and cereal; chewy sweets; fruit; nuts; sauces; and marshmallows. You do have to try to rein yourself in though as you are charged by weight. So you don’t want to go to overboard, although it is very hard not to. With our pots of frozen delight we sat in the cafe for a while then ambled back to the flat, considerably cooler. Well, our mouths were thanks to Yougulatte. The server recommended we should open one in england. I am finding lots of different career paths to choose from whilst being here! from a Yogulatteier to a dinner lady.


Today started off very nicely, even with the early start, as the toaster popped up on its own accord. This has never happened before , and will probably never happen again, so I took it as a good sign. This was proved right from how well my first lesson of  ‘Sacred Fire Yoga’, with Ms LaDonna Agni, at the Earth House Collective went. Ms Agni was incredibly welcoming, professional and nice to talk to. The other three ladies were really friendly aswell. I had a mini bonding moment with the other newbie as Ms Agni said to go to our left and we both went right. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who struggles with instructions about left and right!. The Yoga made me feel almost normal again (even if I have been given a new name within the group but that is my secret) and it was lovely to have a relax. I have never done Yoga, let alone the Sacred Fire kind, in a church before. The stained glass windows added an almost ethereal quality to our lion poses.


After managing to wake up from the meditation, at the end of Yoga, I then had to make my way to the men’s shelter to report for kitchen duty. Today I wasn’t the only woman ( I say woman, one of the men asked me again if I was at school and he thought I was sixteen! So I look seven years younger? this anti-wrinkle cream really must be working!). I was ‘moted’ , either de or pro I’m not quite sure, to salad and bun duty as today was corn dogs. I got chatting to the other servers a bit more today and they are all lovely. However some were under the illusion that it either rains in England all the time or it is just as hot and humid as Indianapolis. I don’t think England has ever been above 35 celsius! Can you imagine? There would be a mass panic about heat stokes and waves; public services would go into meltdown and school kids would run riot. I put them straight and on my way out of the shelter I spotted the sign for the servers stating that ‘remember when you are serving you are serving the King’. Now, I’m guessing they don’t mean the person who first sprung to my mind. Elvis.

I then rounded off this rather spectacular day by tootling along to the Indianapolis Strawberry Festival.

There was no way I could get lost heading there. All I had to do was go against the swarms of people with boxes full of shortcake, cream, ice cream and strawberries. I did get sidetracked by a vendor selling Gazpacho on the way there , which I had been looking all over Indy for, but I promised I would return once I had secured my box of strawberry goodness. This was easier said then done. I got my box of shortcake and strawberries for Luke, after going through a mini que, then the crux came when I tried to find my way back to the vendor. It took me five minutes to walk from the vendor to get Luke’s strawberries. It took me twenty minutes to walk back. How? I have no idea I just hope the Gazpacho is worth it. I will see tonight when I have that with my leftover pizza, and the beer bread the vendor persuaded me to buy.

Although getting lost wasn’t all that bad. It was actually interesting walking around the city, which had become obsessed with strawberries. On the other hand, because I was holding a box of strawberries, I had numerous people look at me and say “Strawberry festival, huh?”. My sarcastic streak had to be bolted away, tightly.


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