Steak, Golf and a Soup Kitchen

We went out on Sunday and did a bit of shopping and went in search of steak. For some reason, a good steak is very expensive in Indy. However, we found some organic, New York strip steak at my place of worship, the Whole Foods Market. I say we found some steaks, it was more like sharing a cow between us.

It was the biggest steak I have ever eaten and it was gorgeous especially as I didn’t cook them. It was lovely of Luke to cook me a meal and I was very impressed with Luke’s culinary skills. Now all I need to do is work on his tidying-up-as-he-goes-along skills. Then I will feel at ease with letting him roam free in my kitchen. Possibly.


On Monday, we thought we would try to burn off some of the steak by going to the driving range. On the way we had to stop for more petrol. It turns out our car is a bit like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors and always wants more. We almost didn’t make it out of the petrol station. I watched a disheveled, older lady with pigtails, and what can only be described as a pyjama top with teddy bears on it, amble past the car with a lit cigarette dangling from her mouth. This was whilst Luke was actually filling up the car. I was gobsmacked and just hoped that we wouldn’t get blown up. Luckily, we didn’t.

We arrived at the range and yes, I really had volunteered to go. Luke wanted to try out his new clubs, which he brought yesterday after having been taken for a game of golf through work. Luke was very good at hitting (pitching?) and he wasn’t put off by the huge group of schoolkids that were hitting the balls all around us (next time I may bring a helmet!). In fact, it felt like we were on a school trip as well! Finally, I thought I would have a go and try to make my Granddad proud. Alas, it is a good job that my Granddad wasn’t there as I was abysmal. I don’t know what was worse; Completely missing the ball due to a poorly executed swing? or hitting it and watching it go about ten centimetres?. In future I shall stick to my preferred golfing forte ; the crazy kind.

The most exciting part of the night came after the golf, for me anyway. I could barely contain myself. I got to take my Smart Cart on its first outing! It did me proud. I used it to transport all our glass/ cans to the recycling bins at Marsh. I then whizzed it around the supermarket and got an odd stare from every single person I passed. Yet the stares didn’t bother me. I shall now be in my element when shopping. I’ll be able to roam the shops free from the fear of my bags splitting. I even made some people stop their conversations when I trundled past them with my trusty cart. I have never made people speechless before. It is almost like I was walking round the shop dragging an alien object that they had never seen before. Yet this can’t be true as I spotted a fellow ‘cartner’ in crime leaving the store when we did. Granted, it was a lady who was just a tad bit older than me. Well a lot older and she probably had more of a need for her cart than I did.

There was only one thing that did bother me on this expedition. It was the guilt I felt when the man responsible for packing people’s shopping into bags  became redundant at our till. This was because I had pulled up with my amazing  Smart Cart. I could almost see the reproachfulness in his eyes. Somehow, I don’t think he shares my enthusiasm for this fantastic contraption.

After getting up today , and marginally soothing the 5 am start with my secret supply of Marmite (Thanks Sas!), I went to the gym. When I came back I got a delightful email. An ‘article’, about Ohio, which I wrote for the IndyStar has been approved as published on their website. I’m chuffed and with that elated feeling I headed off to the soup kitchen (not for my lunch but to help).The elated feeling slowly began to melt as I was walking in 35 degrees, not fun. On the other hand, I managed to find the shelter I was volunteering at in one go! That is my achievement for the week sorted.

I am beginning to volunteer at Wheeler Mission Ministries men’s shelter  and today was my first day there. Once I had located the shelter, I found a bench and quickly changed my shoes and put one of Luke’s tops on over my vest top (no open toe shoes are allowed and all women have to wear loose clothing for their own safety, reassuring I know). I was greeted by a lovely man called Keith, who showed me the introductory video. The whole time I was watching it I was a little bit concerned that there appeared to be no other ‘outsider’ volunteers ( there were other daily volunteers , which are men who have made it through the development programme and are now helping others) I was very relieved when a group came into the canteen before the end of the video. Yet I was the only woman in the building, which made me feel a bit nervous at first.

At the end of the video I was supplied with an apron, gloves and hairnet. Very fetching I know! I was taken into the kitchen and had a haphazard introduction to everyone then I was placed on the production line. I think mine was the most important job of all. Placing the dessert onto the men’s tray of course. There was a choice of cookies, cream sponge and an Elmo cake (I think I have, possibly, found a new outlet for my cupcake practising). There was about five of us all lined up and each person had a section until the tray was full (the dinners looked really nice – bread,meat,carbs,veg,ham salad and dessert). We kept on going untill end of service at 12:30 then we tidied up. I was asked if I was still at school , which was a little bit embarrassing, but apart from that everyone was lovely. They were friendly but not over chatty , which I like, as they were all focussing on the task in hand.

The men who got the meals were very appreciative and came and thanked us on their way out . It felt really good to be helping doing something so worthwhile, even if I was absolutely sweltering in mans clothing! After the walk today, I think I deserve the sunbathing session and the drink out tonight. Or I may just ask the bar if I can go and stand in their freezer.


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