Giddy up!

So, after waking up to the sounds of birds mingled with (or marred by?) the sound of children from the room below, we headed to breakfast. This was a bit of a complicated affair, well for me anyway, as I proceeded to try to work out where everything was and even looked in the microwave for the milk. I found the milk, surprisingly in the fridge, and sat down with some cereal and some hot casserole. This  a famous dish at The Guggisberg Swiss Inn, consisting of egg, cheese and ham . I then had some wheat toast, which is essentially brown bread but it’s not called that here. I have had some  people looking at me like I was stupid when I have asked for it. I suppose all breads are a degree of brown, really, so I can see their point. I then popped some creamer in my much-needed coffee. It’s genius! like dried milk but much nicer. I guess its dried cream?


After a lovely breakfast we packed the room up. There was some continuation with the dopey theme here as I couldn’t find my money anywhere , which I had hidden to stop myself spending it. I guess that plan was working if I could never find it again however, thankfully, it turned up in my wash-bag of all places. I have absolutely no recollection of putting it there! Must eat more fish.Once the car was packed we moseyed on up to the stables.

That’s right, Luke and I were going on a horse trek. Western style. I just about managed to get on my huge horse called Scott. Tammy (the instructor) did offer a stool at one point but I persisted. They wouldn’t have had a stool in western times! If you couldn’t get on your horse you’d be left behind and I wasn’t getting left behind!
We set off behind Tammy (and her horse Dallas, which was even bigger than Scott!) and we began our journey in quite a hilly forest. Once we emerged from the woodland the views were breathtaking. There were gentle, rolling hills and various farmers out with horse-drawn ploughs. We even passed a very old Amish graveyard with the miniature gravestones.
It felt like we were in a western with nothing but the open fields, it was very freeing. Until Scott kept trying to go into random trots that developed into a canter/gallop. I was swiftly reminded that I am not used to horse riding and instead of daydreaming I needed to pay attention as I didn’t want to fall off. In addition to the sporadic changes in speed.
I also had to contend with Luke’s horse as he kept trying to over-take. Then Scott would try to reclaim his place. It was a perfect analogy of our relationship I thought.


We left the Inn after our horse ride.

Only once we had got rid of a stowaway in the car (don’t worry, no animals were hurt during the making of this blog), we headed to Berlin. No, not the German one, the one in Ohio. I think there is a theme of re-naming the cities after european capitals as during the course of the rest of the day we went through Dublin, London,South Vienna and Lisbon. No Paris though. We pulled up at what can only be described as an Amish commercial centre and visited some stores. We brought a lovely candle and the candle maker was telling us about his way of life. He thinks that they get to talk to their children more and the children get to know the family history better because instead of watching T.V / playing Playstation. They get to talk over a game of Scrabble and Chequers. I think this is lovely. As were the candles, we purchased a heavenly smelling Blueberry Cobbler candle. It’s making our room smell lovely even before it is lit.


We then went to Gramma Fannie’s Quilt Barn.

Admittedly, it was the name that attracted me first, but the quilts and materials in the store were beautiful. I have managed to find my next hobby whilst I was in the quilt barn. That’s right, I am making a quilt. I have got all the material I need now so Luke will have his peace and quiet. It will also be nice to know that I got the material from a lovely Amish lady, in Ohio. It seems a befitting memento from our trip. I just need to learn how to sew first.


Afterwards, we explored a fascinating antique mall. They sold lots of christmassy goodies, which was odd to see in summer. It made me feel like going home and putting the tree up. Also, the woodwork was incredible! I really wish I had a house to furnish, but somehow I don’t think mine or Luke’s parents would appreciate storing huge bed frames; dresser; table; chest and a rocking chair. I shall just have to return for a shopping trip. Instead I left with a shamefully modern shopping cart, which I had been after for ages to prevent any more accidents with splitting bags! Well, it is not run on electricity so it’s almost in line with the Amish ways. Still, Luke can’t quite believe that I visited an Amish antique mall and came out with a plastic shopping stroller.

The shopping had worn us out and, even after our mammoth breakfast, we went in search of nourishment. We certainly found this at Der Kitchen in Walnut Creek. Luke had a massive pie and I had a huge pork sandwich (on wheat), smothered in gravy. We both had a dollop of mash aswell , just in case the main dishes didn’t quite fill us up! The food was scrumptious, though maybe a bit too big and not really what you should eat in 37 degrees. Even though we were full we still found the strength to visit the bakery next door and got some oatmeal raisin cookies  for home, we resisted the Snickerdoodles. I also treated myself to some peanut butter spread that comes in a squirty tube. I really am a marketers dream as they had placed the said peanut butter on the restaurant table and I just couldn’t resist trying it. I then had to find out where it came from and, of course, you could purchase it from their bakery next door, which I did.It is definitely worth it though.
Finally, we were homebound and the first part of the five-hour journey was spent listening to Luke trying to work out how to use the command application in the car. After a while of this, I felt like giving the command to ‘ eject the driver from the car’ but I didn’t want to risk it. It would be just my luck if that was the only command that the car listened to all day.


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