On the road again; to beautiful Ohio.

Well we are leaving Michigan behind and are heading, for the weekend, to explore beautiful Ohio. Luke just has to have a few meetings first while I wait in the car like a pleb. Oh well, it is worth it for all the traveling I get to do. Although, at one point last night I did wonder as I was sat with my ‘Lean cuisine’ for one (after a huge debacle trying to get the microwave to work, the American ones are far too hi-tech) then watching the Tudors, . This was whilst Luke was being wined and dined as ‘part of his job’.

I grabbed my oatmeal and ate it out of a take away coffee cup in the car, on the way to Luke’s meeting. It was a novel, yet brilliant, way of eating oatmeal. I didn’t think it would have stayed in place if I had used a plastic bowl, I did use a plastic spoon though. We arrived at a very eclectic looking building, after having to pull over because I hadn’t shut the ‘liftgate’ properly. Whoops, there goes Luke’s professional image in front of his colleagues, who’s car we were following. Luckily, we were able to find them again! Luke and his colleagues (one of whom looked like a younger version of the lead from ‘My best friends wedding’) disappeared inside. For two hours. I kept myself amused by doing a mini pedicure; so I am  hoping none of the business people could see me! I also spent time reading through all the newspapers I had picked up at the hotel. I am almost up-to-speed on American Politics again. Lots of interesting stuff going on at the moment, which is nice. However, I was dying for a wee since we got there and Luke had conveniently managed to park next to a waterfall. I didn’t want to make Luke look bad for bringing his girlfriend along on his meetings so I stayed well put in the car. It was excruciating. Like receiving a mild form of water torture, for two hours. I’m not liking these business trips anymore.

The drive to Ohio was very interesting. I spotted a smart car! which now looks even smaller if that is possible! There was also lots of burst tyres on the side of the road, and in the middle. As well as lots of Bambi. However, they were in the form of roadkill so not so good.On the other hand, the roads were much better as soon as we entered Ohio. Michigan is known for its poor roads and they were definitely bumpy! So Ohio is definitely a smoother state. However, no amount of smoothness of the roads could make up for the huge traffic jam we were stuck in for a while. We thought we had made it once we entered the toll road. Yet, thanks to a huge truck, we took the wrong exit. We ended up on the same road, going the wrong way, in another traffic jam! The best part was that we paid 50 Cents for the privilege of having to endure the same traffic jam twice (once we re-entered another toll road). Great, talk about salt and wound! However, once we got through this toll and took the right exit, we were cruising to ‘Born in the USA‘ which isn’t too bad. Except whenever I hear it now, I can just hear my sister when she was younger imitating the song with a very strong ( and very fake) American accent. It made me smile.

What would have made the crew of Top Gear weep, and not smile, is the fact that many caravans and camper vans tow cars here! So they are actually better than the cars.I did wonder why a car was periously tailgating a camper van! Also, the American cars aren’t very good at going round corners, probably due to them being designed for long and straight roads. This makes going on slip roads very interesting as they are one huge bend! and I mean the type of corner that makes you dizzy because it goes on for too long. Yet their freeway sections are amazing. I’ll give them that.


After another traffic jam we stopped at a Service Centre . Where we had lunch sat outside. This consisted of chicken salad for me and Luke got a ‘Men’s Health‘ endorsed turkey burger meal from Hardees. Only in America! And why only advertised for men? Where were the ‘Women’s Health’ endorsed burger? That’s what I want to know. What was even better was that I was served before Luke, even though he was getting fast food! We are now going to see if Hardees is any better at keeping you full, compared with McDonalds where you are normally hungry again within an hour.

We finally made it into Millersberg, after many route changes due to road closures. Yet we didn’t mind this as the countryside, houses and other buildings were beautiful. There are lots of colours here. The grass is a lush green and the buildings are painted clear white or have a heritage feel about them.They all had quaint little postboxes at the end of their drive and we saw the postman driving along and stopping at each one. I felt a bit sorry for some people as their houses were miles away from their postboxes! There was also lots of outdoor sheds, barns and playhouses. One building even had a gingerbread themed shed/ playhouse at the front! Luke nearly had to restrain me to keep me in the car. Oh if only I could go back to my childhood and request that shed! Big hint for Christmas!

It got even more interesting when we began to come across horses and buggy’s.

The Amish community don’t believe in using the conveniences of  modern technology and use horses or bikes instead as modes of transport. Everywhere you pass has a place to tether a horse and buggy too.
We even spotted some stopped outside a Burger King! I have always argued that the rest of us should revert back to the use of horses (and a horse and carriage) to preserve natural resources. However, Luke doesn’t believe in my theory but this perfectly illustrates that it could work! I now want to swap the Edge for a horse and buggy but I’m not quite sure if Avis will have any for us to hire.

The Amish community also dress very simply. The women dress in beautiful, plain, long dresses and bonnets. This made me feel a tad bit awkward when we went to the local supermarket and I was in a skirt. I felt very cheap!. Yet, this didn’t stop us getting a picnic (although we resisted the worlds biggest slab of chocolate) to take back to the Guggisberg Swiss Inn. It is a lovely hotel. It’s very traditional compared to the previous hotel, it  even smells old! There is also a very old style lift here you have to pull two doors across and press the floor you want, and Luke just had to see what would happen if he opened the doors whilst it was moving and yes it really did stop!

From the outside it looks like a posh motel as you access your rooms by going outside and into your own room door. It also has a long running veranda in front of it (on both levels).

We are on the second floor so have got some stunning views! We have just had our picnic sat on the swinging bench outside our room, watching the sunset.
Now off to listen to some live music. Perfect. Except all I can hear is mooing and neighing as the Inn is also part of a farm/ranch.Unless it is the singer? I shall go and investigate.


  1. It looks lovely and very different from Indiana. Have you seen the Harison Ford film about the Amish community? Don’t listen to the song about someone (Olivia Newton-John??) losing their love on the banks of the Ohio!! One of your blog readers thinks that you are the new Bill bryson!!

    • No but I have heard a very inappropriate version of ‘Gangsters Paradise’ (Amish Paradise’ ) . which Luke found.
      What film is it?
      Thats praise indeed! I am still on the first few chapters of the first book of his. Working my way through them slowly 🙂

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