Put your hands up for Detroit!

So everything was packed, after a somewhat earlier sporadic workout. I then had to replant my vegetable garden because they have outgrown their child container! I’m so proud 🙂 Although the eggplant is appearing to be the most vertically challenged so far, which is a shame as that is my favourite. I will just have to start singing or reading to it, it must just need some more nurturing.

After doing my green-fingered duty for the day and finishing the letter, we ate the packed lunch I had made last night. However , we were sat at the kitchen table, but we still ate it out of the Tupperware boxes so it was almost authentic picnicking. We headed down to the car and were asked on numerous occasions if we were moving in or out. Luke, kindly, informed them that we were going away for the weekend and I can never pack light. He got a lot of support from the DHL gentleman who said that ‘they are all like that’. Very gender specific! I just smiled and nodded  as it is best to keep delivery men onside. I don’t want any boxes I get delivered to end up down the garbage chute! (yes, we have one of those too).Yet , I was quietly seething on the inside but after loading the car, with all of my huge bags which miraculously fitted in, we were off.
Thank goodness for Sirius XM as we now have access to proper music and more of a variety than just country or bible, we even got a bit of Adele! There is another thing that America does’t have that has occurred to me , which  can’t be fixed like as easily as the radio. There are no Eddie Stobart‘s! so I will have to think up a new driving game. The problem is there are so many different types of lorries here that it would take forever to spot two from the same company. umm I’ll put my thinking cap on for the drive back. In the meantime I  kept myself amused with spotting odd road signs or amusing advertisement (blog dedicated this to follow). One particular one I spotted was ‘Lost Lake’ on the side of someone’s roof. How on earth do you lose a lake? and how would one go about retrieving it. I pondered this and it kept me occupied for quite a while. That and listening to  Bungle in the Jungle by Jethro Tull. Don’t ask.

As we drove to Detroit, Michigan 


I noticed just how vast the land is here and there are just random farms dotted about the place . It’s exciting to see that they really do all look very similar to superman’s farm on the new Smallville! I have also noticed that there are way more signs for ‘Food Exits’ than for ‘Petrol Exits’ so I guess they prioritise re-fuelling the drivers over the cars. Mind you, the cars here are massive they probably hold a lot of petrol, or use more I am never sure which way round it is. One humongous lorry even had to have an escort at the front and back with flashing lights and a big sign saying ‘Oversize load’ to warn other drivers! and the signs weren’t lying!.
A while after passing the oversize load sign, we got stuck in our first traffic jam since being here. However, to my delight, I have discovered that our Edge is big enough to have dual air con! That’s right, so whilst Luke was able to keep cool and awake (thankfully), I was able to stay at the ambient temperature for a nap. Think how many arguments would be prevented if every car had dual air con! amazing. What was not so amazing was passing a lorry full of cows for, I strongly suspect, the slaughter-house. This was made worse by the ironic timing of Culture Club‘s ‘Do you really want to hurt me?‘ being played on the radio. It was like the cows were accusing us. 

As well as seeing these sorts of lorries, there were also lots of pick-up trucks. I am having to resist the urge to attempt to jump in the back of one from the Edge , like I have seen in the movies. Luke has been a little bit too supportive, at times, about my new ambition but he thinks we would have to be going really slow. Unfortunately, Michigan as a minimum speed of 55 mph so I shall just have to wait. This also means that my mum would never be able to drive in Michigan as she can’t seem to go above 40 mph, ever. At least this means that the roads of Michigan will remain that little bit safer.

After lots more, from all the drivers, overtaking and undertaking (Yes it’s legal here, which makes driving that little bit more fun. You never know which angle the cars or lorries are going to launch themselves at you) We arrived at the  Staybridge Hotel. I think it must be a regular haunt for people who are on business trips as it is on a commercial/ business park. However, it is lovely and even has a pool and outdoor jacuzzi which I shall test out tomorrow whilst Luke is in meetings. It’s a hard life!

Our room is also like a micro carbon copy of an apartment. We even have a kitchen!

a walk in wardrobe! and , mercifully, a coffee machine like the one at home. I think I may have become a tad bit dependent on that particular kitchen appliance. They have even got a mini recipe book in the back of the welcome booklet! I don’t actually have to leave this room for the next two days, although I don’t want to appear reclusive so maybe it would have been better to have a bog standard room?

After unpacking, we ventured out to B.D’S, which is a Mongolian BBQ apparently. This was a mission in itself due to the ‘Michigan left‘ . This means you always have to go right before you can turn left, you cannot just turn left. So many u-turns later and we were munching on nacho’s and chicken dipper things to start with. This turned out to be a mistake, again, as the portions were huge!we left half of the nachos in order to pace ourselves for the main. The main was a serve yourself affair. You followed four steps and ended up with a fresh stir fry! ( not quite sure if all of the menu was all Mongolian or a bit of Mexican thrown in). Luke and I bravely undertook these four steps and as we watched our stir-frys being cooked on the huge open wok-plate, we noticed how small ours looked compared to everyone elses. I don’t think we have quite got the hang of the ‘fill your own bowl’ malarkey. There were some real pros who managed to fit enormous amounts into one small bowl. I don’t know how they did it! It should become an olympic event.

The stir-fry was gorgeous and spicy, after the slightly over-cheesed nachos!. However, I can take some credit for that as I choose the spices. Yet the most exciting part of the evening wasn’t the spiciness of the food. Oh no. It was getting to take my first ever doggie bag home with me! and it was such a cute take-away box as well, with a handle and everything!

That is my lunch sorted for tomorrow, I’m leaving Luke to fend for himself.
Although I suspect his lunch with his supplier may be more appealing!

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