Following the signs.

So , after conquering the mini gym and relaxing in the outside whirlpool(whilst secretly laughing to myself at how my life is turning out!) I decided to start this post about all the little signs and advertisements I have spotted on the drive to Michigan. It made the six-hour journey a lot more entertaining!

  • They have signposts indicating which way is North , and which way is South. That would be very useful if they had pedestrian signs like that as well. I would be able to use google maps then.
  • An advert for ‘We grow hair’ at I can think of a few people who would benefit from this place.
  • Apparently, Benson rules the road.
  • Lots of senior living accommodation. OAPs are called ‘Senior Adults’ here and the living areas look like university dorms for the more mature person. I know where I’m heading when I get older.
  • Hemorrhoids Fast Centre – enough said. I don’t think anyone would be going there quickly.
  • ‘Need a quick lift?’ asks Dr. Kolb from a huge billboard. Now can you guess what he is advertising? Plastic surgery of course.
  • Apparently there is a place called ‘Cowpokes’ that can equip with you the best boots you will ever need, western style. ummm…
  • Outside the Nestle factory was a huge life-size version of a brown Roger Rabbit just chilling by the highway and drinking a chocolate milkshake.
  • Gas City actually exists. We drove through there pretty quick.
  • Apparently there is ‘No stopping, standing  parking’ on the freeway. So we broke all three of those rules during the motorcycle crash the other day. Whoops. Although, really, who would want to sit down on the freeway if they had the choice?
  • There is a very cute place to stop called the ‘Huggy Bear Motel’. Somehow, the Premiere Inn doesn’t sound as attractive to sleep in now. It’s less fluffy.
  • A clever billboard stating ‘Overcema Dyslexia’ took me a while to figure out.
  • Now is ‘Salamonie reservoir‘ meant to be a Salmon? I shall have to investigate at restaurants.
  • You can get four meals for under four dollars at the ‘Steak ‘n Shake’! And I though The Rectory’s two for five pounds was pushing it.
  • ‘Speeding Max $1ooo fine/ Reckless driving– Max 8yrs’. So does this mean that speeding doesn’t constitute as reckless driving? I wonder what does? Driving on two wheels down the middle maybe?
  • ‘Jesus is coming. Soon. Are you ready?’ was one that particularly scared me. Quick, best get ready by reading bible in the hotel drawer then.
  • There was a restaurant called ‘Gangsters Grille’. Now why didn’t we go there for dinner? Apparently, it is not because it is a hangout for the Michigan gangs but can you imagine if you stumbled into there by accident and it actually was their hangout? Id play the dumb tourist card and peg it. It is really because ‘The food is so good it should be criminal’. Witty.
  • ‘Totally Hip’ glares out at drivers from a few billboards. Now could this be advertising the latest album releases? A new dance craze? No, it is advertising a joint centre for America‘s Senior Adults. Presumably it is the coolest place in Michigan to get a new hip.
  • Now, if you’re ever driving in America you must try not to injure a road worker as if you injure or kill them you get a maximum fine of $7500 or up to 15 years in jail. Thanks for the reminder not to run over highway maintenance men/women!


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