Preparing for a road trip. Michigan style.

I am just finishing some last-minute packing for our road trip to Michigan. I use the term road trip loosely. It is definitely a road trip for me but it is work for Luke. Well, one of us has to be earning a living so Luke is going for meetings. However, I would like to think that I am also going for a worthwhile cause. I am going so that I can get to pick up a flag from another state 🙂

Michigan State Flag 
My plan is to make a patchwork quilt with these flags. Luke seems thrilled at this prospect. Although I’m not sure whether this is because he genuinely would like a mismatched quilt of various American flags (for each state we visit) or that it will give him peace and quiet for a very long time. I have a feeling it may be the latter as I have yet to learn how to sew, let alone sew a quilt. Luke did prefer this idea to just buying road signs. He claims he thinks it is more personal because it takes more effort, i.e more time-consuming, umm.

Anyway, apart from my incessant need to have new hobbies, a day by the pool sounds ideal for my hectic schedule of not doing much in Indianapolis apart from getting myself lost and eating American delicacies! Surely even I can not get lost in a hotel! Yet if that now happens, it will be because it is a huge hotel. It will not be  because of my sense of direction, which as you may have gathered is one of my best abilities. After all, I’m a human equivalent to a Homing Pigeon.

I am just trying to organise the essentials at the moment, whilst Luke is already in the land of nod (Isn’t it amazing how you find yourself  subconsciously slotting into the stereotypical male/ female roles!). I am currently going off my to-do list, which  I wrote earlier on the balcony. This turned out to not be such a good idea. It is a good thing that I  still have this list and it didn’t suffer the same fate as the bookmark I was leaning on. I blame myself entirely. I un-leaned on the bookmark for just one split second to get a drink and the next thing I knew, whoosh. Due to my poor reaction time I just couldn’t stop it getting blown over the side of our balcony to who knows where. So somewhere in Indianapolis, right now, is a photo of Luke and me just flapping in the breeze. Typical. The bookmark would be something that could be easily linked back to me, such as something with my face on. So it is either somewhere in Indy or it landed on the balcony below and could be classed as a very novel way of introducing yourselves to your neighbours.

Right, so I think I have got the essentials. Suncream, Dollars, Clothes, about a Kilo of watermelon (yes I am still testing out the theory that watermelon is a natural sunblock), and a picnic for the car (for us to have in the car not for the car itself. Although I suspect that will need re-fueling aswell as it does about 16 gallons to the mile, or 16 miles to the gallon. This means nothing to me but Luke says it’s not so good?) Now all I need is to make sure I don’t forget to stay in, and not venture to the Original Farmers Market, as Luke is having a half day and were leaving around noon. That means no purple asparagus or Acoustic Catfish. I shall just have to manage until next week. Unless I can sneak Catfish into the car. I’m not sure if Luke would appreciate six hours of their music but it’s worth a shot. Have to at least try to get into the spirit of things and they almost fit in with Motowny music. Almost. Maybe I should stick to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. I don’t want to be banned from going into Michigan for offending their musical heritage!



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