Hooray for the Parade.

Now, I can’t say that I have started many bank holidays standing on my balcony and being able to see floating Panda’s but that’s how my first one in Indianapolis has started. Don’t worry, the metropolis of Indiana is not being invaded by giant, floating animals. It’s parade time! In fact, we were almost flattened by said Panda as it decided to have a lie down, during the parade, when it got to where we were sitting!


But we didn’t let that stop us getting into the true parade spirit.

 We were guided to our seats by three or four mini scouts as Luke thought it was doing our bit for the parade because the scouts will have felt useful, which they were but it felt a little bit strange to be escorted down the parade route. However, there were also the amazing police officers aswell so don’t worry parents we are perfectly protected here!
The atmosphere was lovely. There was so much to see in the parade and it was a whole two hours of immense entertainment. It was fascinating to watch all the different bits, including the advertising helicopters circling around overhead. There were lots of floats aswell and all of the Indy 500 drivers came along in the parade row by row. It’s not quite like the Bramhall fete that I used to watch, sat outside Woolies, when I was younger.
The people we were sat next to were very friendly and gave us lots of information about the parade ,which was very kind of them. One lady on our left has even promised Luke a free lunch as her cousin is the manager of the Rolls Royce Deli! All Luke has to do is ask for Anna apparently so we shall see on Tuesday. The sense of community is massive here and it felt like everyone in Indianapolis had come out for the parade with a cool box of goodies in tow (I was beginning to regret leaving our picnic in the fridge as we thought we wouldn’t be hungry enough after having breakfast late. Yes , that right, I got to get up at 8 today! I am spoilt) Luke also felt that his community was sufficiently represented!
I have never seen so many marching bands in my life! and they all appeared to be wearing sparkly baby grows for adults. I’m not quite sure why though. I felt very sorry for some of the band players carrying Tuba’s in near 80 F ! Luckily, they had people running up and down the lines squirting them with water, although it did  make some of them lose some of their timing. I can imagine that it is very distracting getting a face full of water sprayed at you as you’re trying to play a musical instrument. Especially a brass band instrument.
After the parade we went to the airport to see if we can swap the car (nooo!) and as Luke was talking to avis I got accosted by every drivers worst nightmare on a Segway. That’s right, the traffic wardens go around on Segways. Unbelievable! and let me assure you that they are much more frightening when they can move quicker and you can’t hear them coming. Luckily Luke, after running around different floors of the car park looking for our car,  came back and we  are keeping the Edge 🙂

We then ventured to Weber’s bar and Grill where we had our first proper meal out and the portions were huge! I’m talking a whole chicken breast as part of a starter plate! Each!. Needless to say, we didn’t manage to clear our plates (sorry Dad!). Even worse than this was that I did finish my drink. Big Mistake! As, like the food, you are given more alcohol in your drinks. I should have listened to the alarm bells that went off  in my head when  I asked for a double and the waiter told me I was his ‘kinda gal’.

A few drinks later, with Luke’s colleague Daniel from Tower 3, and I then banished myself to the sofa as I couldn’t stop my head from spinning. This seemed like the best plan of action. American measures are not my friend!



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