3,2,1.. and they are outa there!

It’s official, the LuLu’s have now driven the real racetrack at the Indianapolis Speedway Stadium. We just had to make sure it was all safe and sound for the Indy 500 drivers on Sunday. And it was more than safe, it was blooming fantastic!

Luke picked me up from outside of Riley Towers, there was no time to stop, no time.

We sneaked into gate ten.


We dodge the weathered, scowling faced yellow t-shirts.

We silently weaved our way behind the colossal stadium and knew that we had almost made it to the sacred track.


And there it was. The open road. The track just lay there waiting for our trusty Ford Edge to take us around the infamous road.


We had a quick glance around to make sure we weren’t followed.

And we were off, to the sound of Nessa Dorma. Not quite the epic driving tune we wanted. Quick change and we were now driving to Purple Rain. That would have to do. There was no stopping us now (where is a Queen CD when you need one! That would have fitted the bill!)

The track was smooth and wide, You could just imagine the stadium packed with cheering fans. We wound our way round the track.


We got to the final stretch and after avoiding the emergency services.


We made it past the finish line! And the imaginary crowd went wild!


We edge our way back and sheepishly said thank you to some more friendly yellow T-shirts.

Well you didn’t think we could actually co-ordinate a break in at the speedway? Our car is not exactly the easiest to sneak anywhere in but one can only imagine.


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