Plan of action for a turning thunderstorm?

Weather. It is such a strange thing! People have been sunbathing by the pool all afternoon and then there are severe storms in the evening!

We survived the storm, although our garden terrace very nearly didn’t. At one point, the wind was so strong it had whipped the hailstones into small, dancing funnel shapes. Seeing this made me think. I do not have a clue what to do in the event of a tornado. Unless they had sirens , I probably wouldn’t clock on that there was one untill it came whizzing past the window.  I realised that I have been ill-prepared for my relocation. All we learnt at school was that you have to hide under your desk in the event of an earthquake. I never really got the point of as our desks were very flimsy , almost MDF type, material. Therefore, I have researched what to do in the event of a tornado hitting Indy , especially after seeing the awful news about yesterdays tornado in a nearby state. There is lots of advice on  I especially like the bit that lets you know 

If you see a tornado and it is not moving to the right or to the left relative to trees or power poles in the distance, it may be moving towards you!

I guess that would be the right time to run in the opposite direction!

I  really must make sure I find out what Riley Towers tornado policy is. Does everyone get each other out or is it every man, woman and child for themselves? Not forgetting the dogs! Mind you, by the way they are treated here I wouldn’t be half surprised if there is a doggie escape tunnel to a playpen underneath the tower.  I bet  they would be nice and safe with goodie bags from the dog groceries whilst were all fending for ourselves.

Our next door neighbour has a dog so maybe I’ll ask him. The neighbour that is, not the dog.

In the meantime I have been told, on good authority, that my best plan of action is to get out of the building as quickly as possible and hide underneath something solid. Fab! So if there is a tornado I was thinking I shall grab my quilt and make a sledge for the stairs. Well come on, it will be quicker than running down 22 flights of stairs! Although by the time I get to the 15th floor I will probably be too nauseous to carry on! Nevertheless,  If I do make it out of the building, I will hide underneath something solid. Like our car? Now that is a use for it that even Luke hasn’t thought of ! and it’s much better than it’s ability to beep when you lock it.

However, if Luke is at work then I shall have to find a back up hiding place . I don’t need to worry about him at all. He will be absolutely fine. He works for Rolls Royce. The company who were named the world’s number one super brand this year. The company who are global leaders in technology . Of course they have all they need to protect their staff from tornadoes . Their particular  secret weapons? – toilets. Yup, Rolls Royce Indianapolis’ official tornado shelters are their lavatories. Lovely. So whilst Luke, and the rest of his colleagues, are hiding in the toilet I shall have to have a rethink. I say hiding but can one hide from a tornado? Now I all I can picture is an animated ,smily faced tornado that wants to play hide and seek.

Somehow,  I don’t think they are quite as amiable.


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