Here I go again on my own

So, first day by myself in Indianapolis. I would say that I packed Luke off to work like a proper ‘housewife’ but alas, all did not go to plan. I did make him a packed lunch,

But subsequently forgot to hand it to him, so it is still sat in the fridge. Oh well, saves a job for tomorrow but there goes my housekeeping Kudos!

Breakfast was considerably more successful. We even have a kettle now and its a cute whistle one you put on the hob. Hardly anyone has an electric kettle here!


What wasn’t so cute was my peach yoghurt. It looked like it could, quite possibly, glow in the dark. This could be because it is a light- low-fat yoghurt instead of just low-fat. God knows what is in that!must remember to stick to natural next time.

We also watched’ Good Morning America‘, which is very different to ‘Daybreak’ I can tell you. There are adverts literally every five minutes. Usually quite funny ones, although I am not quite sure if they are meant to be funny. For example, there is a great advert about ‘Lightspecs’. These are amazing glasses with two spotlights attached to either side so you can shine them on whatever  you are looking at. I am almost tempted! and I don’t even wear glasses!

There is also a constant storm update every five minutes on every news channel. You get to hear from a real storm chaser too! Yes they really do exist! Indiana has the threat of high storms, as well as high temperatures, for the rest of the week. So I have essentially left a milder, wet England for a sweltering, wet Indiana. ummm…

Saying that, the storm last night was incredible with huge fork lightning. All the building around ours, and including ours hopefully!, have lightning rods attached to the top so you could see them all getting hit last night. Theres a storm going to hit again today. In fact, the T.V. was just interrupted by the National Weather Service,  with a severe storm warning and advising people to stay on the lower floors in their houses due to 70 mph winds; dangerous quarter-sized hailstones and deadly lightning. So I’m nice and safe on the 22nd floor! I’m hoping moving away from the windows is just as effective? (

Due to being a lady of leisure, I am having to organise hobbies and things to keep busy. So what does a British lady of leisure do in Indianapolis? Well for today I am going to stick to the safety of Riley towers. I have been to the gym so I feel like I have been outside but I will ease myself out into the rest of Indy, and civilisation, during the week. It will take a while for my sense of direction to recover from the shock of moving to yet another unfamiliar city! Now, all I am aiming to do is learn a spot of French (idealistic I know) and then assemble my Kids Miracle-Gro ‘Ready , set , Gro Terrarium’.

Yes, I know, It is a kid one but I was quite restrained by not buying the Disney version, so it’s not too bad! Well, seeing as I don’t have a job, I may as well live up to my surname and become a true Gardener. You may think this is silly, but I will have the last laugh (here’s hoping) when I can pick Eggplants (Aubergine), Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Sweet Peppers from my balcony. Albeit in tiny child size portions.


It really was a fascinating project for the afternoon.

You put a powder into a cup;



Add water and it grows on by itself! Magic and I can see why it is so appealing to kids!


Once soil is grown, add seeds;


Then you get your own sticker of the vegetable into the pot and voila.

Now all I have to do is wait…but I’m guessing ‘ Miracle Gro’ doesn’t mean that they will be ready for dinner tonight.


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