Civil war then a spot of brunch.

We have just returned from a lovely day on the prairie ( very  Laura Ingalls Wilder). There was the old-fashioned homesteads, which I very nearly fell out of and flat on my face after following luke off the veranda! I have made a mental note to never again blindly follow Luke, especially not in oversized jeans when there are nails perilously jutting out of floorboards. For that particular chestnut I almost got my own back …


But I thought no, I may need him.

There were also camps and lots of characters walking around (including  Abraham Lincoln !). However the peace on the prairies was soon disrupted by a huge civil war re-enactment to celebrate the 150 year anniversary. There were Confederates and Unionist all over the place trying to avoid the cannons, horses and each other! It was fascinating to watch and, as it is America, it was on a very grand scale!


I am now having to swot up on my civil war history after it dawned on me that, although I have learnt about it, I could not remember much past watching ‘The Patriot‘ with Mel Gibson. Even this did not help. However, it was fascinating to remember that modern-day America (since Columbus ‘found it’) isn’t very old and the people who were sat behind us were talking about how their grandfather fought in the civil war.

After we got back there was a mini modern-day civil war being acted out underneath our ‘garden terrace’ between the police and ticket touts. The police were using the novel way of informing the touts, via a megaphone, that if they did not cease selling tickets they would be arrested. We had a great vantage point from our balcony, whilst eating our very first Reece Peanut Butter cup, and watched the comical scene of the police car informing the touts to stop; the touts appearing to stop, but really they moved around the block and continued selling ; the police car going the other way round the block and then the cycle began all over again.

I am currently waiting for Luke so we can go out to Brunch. It seems that, even in America, there is no escaping the F1. Even if the commentators aren’t as funny, in my personal opinion, or really know what they are talking about (according to Luke). All I can hear is the ginormous freight train that goes through Indy every couple of hours (I know this because I have been delightfully woken up by it every night, every two hours, since we moved here. Thank god for my emergency stash of pretzels and soymilk which I swear are helping me get back to sleep. Honest!); a random saxophonist; lots of whirring sirens that sound like someone whooping when they first get going and the church bells. Apparently everyone goes to church on Sundays so we have made a mental note to do our grocery shopping every sunday morning. Whilst fellow Hoosiers will be worshiping in the various churches. I shall be able to visit my new place of worship – The Whole Food Market (again, sorry Nana!).

We explored Massachuset Ave for a bit and found lots of bars,restaurants and even free newspapers! in proper post boxy looking containers not just stacked in a metal storage unit thing.

My Favourite thing was the cupcake bakeries. I know where I will be returning to tomorrow, and possibly every day whilst Luke is at work, it’s a hard life I know. By far, the best thing was the bakery for our canine friends.


And I thought that this was extreme, but when we got to our brunch destination (Good Morning Mama’s- http://www.goodmorningmama’ there wasn’t just a grocery or bakery for these furry friend, oh no, there was a hotel! so if they decided they had enough of endless walks and dried biscuits they could escape it all.


My Word! Although after seeing the amount of roadkill, of all sizes and species, I think that the animals of America might be in need of some respite.

The brunch was amazingly good! Luke even got biscuits and gravy! together! for breakfast!

Now I know that I love mopping up leftover gravy with a piece of bread, but this is pure culinary genius! Although it may not be pretty, and could quite possibly look like the dishes served across the road at the doggie hotel, this little dish could still give Heston Blumenthal a run for his money in the taste stakes! The atmosphere was great too, it was packed and there were lots of sporadic bouts of laughter from various tables.  Also, the interior and the servers (waitresses to us Brits) were very yellow and sunny.

I think this will be a regular occurrence on weekends and next time I’m having the pancakes! For now I am safely inside , with peanut butter and jam ryvita, just watching the beginnings of what will be a huge storm.



  1. Lucy
    Thank you so much for including me in your email and the link to your blog.
    I will be following your exploits with the greatest of interest!
    Seems like you have settled in really quickly and are enjoying being a ‘lady of leasure.’
    The exams so far have been problem free – I’m sure you have missed sleep already worrying about how we are coping without you!
    We are on our inset week this week so, hopefully I’ll have time to read your blog updates.
    All the best. Love Sue x

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