Men and Motors

The male species seem to revert back to their childhood when it comes to cars. I always feel that men and their motors behave very similar to boys and their toys.

Luke is no different, especially now he has the new car to play with. Oh how it has amused him. He now has some top things he consistently finds amusing about this car,and that never fail to bug me.

  • The novelty of the driver seats ability to move forward and backward automatically when you switch the engine on or off. Luke tried to see exactly how far forward the seat would go  and we found out that it did , indeed, go pretty far. As illustrated beautifully in Luke’s own words  ‘Ah it’s crushing me!’ as he tried to push against the dashboard to stop this horrible fate. On hearing this I found trying to look concerned, and not smug, was the hardest part as this particular party trick lost its amusement after, roughly, the hundreth time. I spectacularly failed at this task later on though when I wasn’t able to keep the smugness off my face after he managed to get his hair gel pot wedged into the drinks holder.  Yes really, and I thought men were meant to have better spacial awarness! It even had the lid on so it is not like he can convert the drinks holder into the cars very own hair styling unit.
  • Another amusing thing, according to Luke, is how big the boot really is and that must explain his sudden urge to put one back seat down (automatically of course) and see if he could fit in the back by lying down lenghtways. He said that this was being useful for when we went on road trips. However as we were in a field , surrounded by lots of people parking their cars, I didn’t deem this as a particularly useful, or appropriate, activity. I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to close the boot (don’t worry his feet were securely in because as it turns out the back of the car really is huge) , leave him lying there, and head of onto the prairie by myself.
  • This is possibly the BEST thing about the car, ever! When you lock the car, not only do the lights flash but it beeps! Yes , beeps! So now every time we go anywhere, and that really does mean everytime and anywhere, I not only have to put up with everyone else car beeping, but Luke ensures our car keeps beeping constantly untill we get into the place we were heading for. We have had a few strange glances whilst walking up to the  supermarket entrances I can tell you. However, men, like boys, seem to have an abundance of fascination levels with anything cars can do. No matter how many times they have seen it.
  • Lastly , the size of a car is a point of wonder and marvel to all men and must be compared to other cars to see how it measures up..


Yes , I really did have to demonstrate that our car is bigger than a mini.

Yet, with all my quandarys about Luke’s love for the car. I am very pleased that he has got a car he likes so much and I am very grateful for all of the driving he does for us. Plus, I think I have manged to find another friend for him to spend quality time with.




  1. oh my life how amazing does that car look! sound like you are having an amazing, miss you I have to say. sounds like you are having amazing time and I have to say its making me a little jealous! take care of yourselves xxxx

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