There is a few things I have noticed whilst driving around the state of Indiana, which is huge by the way. It’s definitely not like Derby or Cheadle, that’s for sure!

  1. Places which looked within walking distance on the map are actually over an hours drive away so that rules out some of my volunteering hopes! I was hoping to volunteer in Carmel and Noblesville but it would take me about a days walk just to get there.
  2. They refer to veterinary clinics as ‘Animal wellness centres’ or ‘Animal Hospital’. It does sound a lot nicer for the animals but they are still, essentially, just vets. The latter always reminds me of the T.V programme with Rolf Harris but somehow I don’t think he will be lurking within any of these establishments.
  3. Whilst we are on the subject of how America takes care of its pets. They even have a dog and cat grocery store ( Now that really is taking the biscuit!
  4. They also have absurd names / slogans for companies and schools and this makes a drive anywhere highly amusing. These slogans on billboards include (Yes really, ) . There was also a sign advertising ‘Achieve flight with the excellent ministry for education’ placed outside a child day care centre in the form of a house, which was not too dissimilar to the one in ‘Daddy day care’. I will keep you updated on anymore educational highlights that I spot.
  5. There is a drive thru for everything ranging from Starbucks, film rentals to banks. I think this may be why their cars have to be so big. It’s in order for them to be able to fit everything in from all that driving through places.
  6. At the end of school, thousands of far too young-looking teenagers emerge in huge cars and it is exactly like the american high school movies. You have the good-looking athletic guys in huge 4 x 4 with blaring music; the pretty blondes in convertibles or posh small cars; the geekier kids in clapped out cars or walking and then the rebels in pimped out cars with blaring rock music ( I half expected their cars to move up and down with the music!)
  7. There are churches everywhere, with accompanying signs letting us know God is everywhere and ‘ the only eyes that are true are the ones that always look to God’. I’m not just talking about quaint little churches, these are huge! I have even spotted some  with a playground, golf course and a cheeky Macdonald’s attached to the back. I’m guessing the reason for the latter is if the service is taking too long, people take it in turns to nip out and get everyones order in, before sneaking it back into the church. Oh how that would have made going to church when I was younger much more appealing (sorry Nana!).
  8. Everyone speaks to you, everywhere. Wherever you are someone will ask if you are alright or if you need directions (which, at the moment, i nearly always do) but it is totally off-putting compared to the U.K. I am completely flummoxed as to what the right social etiquette is in these sort of situations. Do you just nod? Do you give a quick, but polite, response? or do you engage in a full-blown conversation with them?
  9. At self-service checkouts, they have a rotating bag holder with two on each side so you just keep spinning untill you have completed your shop. Much more easier!! You can also play a version of Russian Roulette with it to make packing the bags much more entertaining. You just spin and then who knows which bag the frozen peas will end up in. Could they end up in the right bag with the other frozen items? or shock horror could they end up in the bakery bag and start de-frosting turning your bread into soggy mush?
  10. They have TV adverts for Weightwatchers aimed at just men and how they can loose weight following the online plan. Now you don’t get men on their english adverts!
I will inform you of any more ‘Americanisms’ as I observe them.

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