The LuLu’s have landed.

After landing in Indianapolis, we were assisted by a very grandfatherly looking member of staff who was pushing a large trolley with one hand and eating a Mc’flurry in the other. I felt very guilty when he struggled to lift our bags onto the trolley, but he looked offended when I tried to help. Instead, I helped him in my own small way by saving his Mc’flurry from a certain ‘death by suitcase’ and continued to protect it, whilst he continued to struggle with the 6 suitcases. Well, every little helps. 

We were then onto Avis to find out what car we would be having for the next few months.

My word, it is huge!




It’s a Ford Edge and it would make our Clio look miniscule. My feet don’t touch the pedals even when it is fully forward. Oh well I should be ok to stand up to push the pedal, it is only an automatic after all and that’s more like a toy car isn’t it? (Joke mum, don’t panic). Once Luke had selected which ambient lighting to have, yes I really was sat with blue light emitting from the very spacious foot well, we ventured onto the open roads. Surreal does not come close to describing the past few days.  

I am very glad we have a big car now as ours is tiny compared to the other vehicles on the road. Driving through Indy was amazing. The freeways (yeah, that’s right .. were cruising on freeways now my friend 🙂 ) are massive  and then we were greeted by looming skyscrapers mixed with old ,grand looking buildings. It looks like a very nice place and one that is in much need of my exploration.

We arrived at the very, very tall Riley towers and were shown to our new apartment, on the 22nd floor! This won’t be so good if the lift breaks but the views are breathtaking. The windows in the lounge are so huge that we have, virtually, a complete panoramic view. Then there is our infamous balcony. The balcony that hangs perilously over the corner of the building rather than being snuggly enclosed by it. Looking down over the railings was possible the worst thing I could have done. We have closed the door on it for now untill we are more courageous.

I love the apartment. Everything is massive, the fridge and wardrobe are huge. I also have my own little Black&Decker filter coffee machine , which I can set on a timer for the mornings, so that is another life ambition ticked off . The estate agents are also much nicer than the british ones. We were left a big welcome pack consisting of drinks, toiletries, cleaning supplies and lots of healthy and un-healthy snacks.


Perfect!  and something we did not get when we moved to Derby! I think I will launch a petition to make sure everyone gets a welcome pack when they move. It makes the experience much more pleasant.

After taking it all in, and being amused by the reality of our new life in Indianapolis compared to our old ones in the U.K, we headed to the local food store. We popped into a place called Marsh’s and I could not contain myself. There was so much choice! I was also asked by a man, who must have been around my age, “Are you alright ma’am”. Yes , really, I had been addressed as ‘ ma’am’ within a few hours of being in the country. Bless, he looked surprised when I answered in English but he also looked as if that explained my nervous disposition. Yet it was really due to having the conundrum of wanting to go in to the store, but having to wait for Luke to park. I was having trouble containing my curiosity and I must have looked odder than usual, and apparently old enough to be a Ma’am.

What was also strange was how everyone talked to us. One man asked us if it was correct that  the bottle of juice he was holding was actually red wine and was healthy. I think maybe his wife was trying to subtly wean him off.  Then the lady in front of us apologised for keeping us waiting and went on to talk about food stamps.. we just nodded and smiled but had no idea what she was talking about. We later saw her wheeling her trolley down the middle of the road into nowhere . Picture the bird lady from Home Alone and you’ve got it. 

After getting the box of Cheerios that we had been craving, we returned to our new apartment for a snack. Although the time was now 5 in the morning (u.k). I did a quick rearrangement of the apartment, which Luke  miraculously failed to notice in the morning. You may find this astonishing aswell when I tell you that I had moved a fake plant, which was bigger than me, from the living room into the bedroom.


Honestly, nothing that is remotely to do with housework gets past men does it?


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